There are times playing WipEout 2048 when we’ve felt like we’re on fire, but that’s just because we’re exceptionally good at Zone mode. We’re pretty sure that’s not why the Japanese government has agreed to investigate the PlayStation Vita over reports of serious overheating.

According to Sony, there have been 31 cases of the system burning up since its release in Japan last December. The manufacturer sent a detailed report of the incidents to the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation on 12th July. In all cases, the problem pertained to the connection slot between the charging unit and the console burning to a crisp.

A representative for the platform holder told a Japanese newspaper that the problem is not related to a product malfunction and thus it will not issue a recall. The company believes that the fault is caused by people getting liquids inside the unit before charging. Unfortunately, if you’re one of those 31 people with a ruined unit, you’re going to have to pay to get it fixed.

The moral: don't pour a bottle of Mountain Dew into your console before you're about to plug it in.