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Sony Promises PlayStation Vita Game Heaven Improvements

Posted by Sammy Barker

Learning lessons

The first PlayStation Vita Game Heaven received a lot of negative feedback. The well publicised Japanese event was conceived to stimulate interest in Sony’s struggling handheld, but ended up irritating followers due to its pre-recorded format and lack of surprises.

Sony Japan CEO Hiroshi Kawano has promised that the next Game Heaven will be much better. Speaking with Dengeki PlayStation magazine, the executive said that fans will want to tune into the event from start to finish. He explained that the company will use the occasion to announce new information, as well as partner with developers to share industry secrets.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kawano announced that SCEJ has created a new internal team to expand the PlayStation Plus program in the region. He added that there will be additional Hatsune Miku related announcements in the future, and that Wonderbook, the divisive Harry Potter title from Sony’s E3 press conference, will be making its way overseas.


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Magi said:

Is it just me or does Sony keep saying: We know we effed up at "big awesomesauce event xyz", but we'll do better next time. Then next time roles around and THEY END UP SAYING THE SAME DERN THING because they effed it up again.

I don't want continuous excuses Sony, I want you to deliver on your promises (the first time)



Savino said:

Learn with nintendo and their nintendo direct, sony!
If you wanna copy someone, do it rigth!!!!!!

And give vita some love! (By the way, gravity rush rlz, but make mewait till 3am GMT to upadate de psn was kinda cruel)

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