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Sonic 4: Episode II Japan-Bound on 16th May

Posted by James Newton


SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 just got its first official release date: 16th May in Japan.

The second episode of the retro reboot will cost ¥1,500 — that's about £11.49 or $18, but expect Western prices to be much lower: the original was $14.99 before dropping to $9.99 after a few months.

There's also a special bonus for those who bought the first game and kept their save file, but we won't say what it is. Anyone who bought the DX expansion pack for Sonic Adventure knows what's going on, though.

Here's hoping we get the game around the same time, or — considering Sonic's less popular in Japan than the West — even a little earlier.


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Mandoble said:

It is my understanding that now PSN covers both, PS3 and Vita's games. Is Sonic 4 being PS3 exclusive? Is this something worth to indicate near the PSN tag?



James said:

Yeah, it's PS3 exclusive. Generally a PSN game for Vita will be tagged with PSN and Vita.

The URL of the game will show /psn/ if it's for PS3, or /psnvita/ if it's for Vita, btw. Hope that helps!

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