A big part of the appeal of SEGA’s cel-shaded graffiti franchise Jet Set Radio is the music – so there’s been warranted concern over the upcoming HD remaster’s soundtrack. The good news is that SEGA’s managed to relicense just over half of the original playlist; the bad news is that it couldn’t nab rights to the other half.

All of the original Hideki Naganuma tracks have made the jump, alongside a selection of licensed fan favourites such as Super Brothers (Guitar Vader) and Funky Radio (B.B. Rights).

SEGA told Joystiq that it worked really hard to maintain the complete original soundtrack, but “cost and even the availability of certain music publishers became an impediment”. You’ll just have to make do without Deavid Soul’s Yappie Feet.

In more positive news, Jet Set Radio HD will run in widescreen at a silky smooth 60 frames-per-second. We can only imagine how well the original’s brash, cartoon art-style is going to pop in high-definition.

Oh, and there’s even more good news courtesy of Joystiq’s report: SEGA’s mapped camera support to the DualShock 3’s right-analogue stick (not present on the original Dreamcast controller). Lazy port this is not – now, about Shenmue...


Grace and Glory - Hideki Naganuma
Humming the Bassline - Hideki Naganuma
Let Mom Sleep - Hideki Naganuma
Moody's Shuffle - Hideki Naganuma
Rock It On - Hideki Naganuma
Sneakman - Hideki Naganuma
Sweet Soul Brother - Hideki Naganuma
That's Enough - Hideki Naganuma
Toronto - Electric Tooth Brush
Magical Girl - Guitar Vader
Super Brothers - Guitar Vader
Bout the City - Reps
Funky Radio - B.B. Rights
Mischievous Boy - Castle Logical
Yellow Bream - F-Fields
Everybody Jump Around - Richard Jacques

[via joystiq.com]