Gravity Rush started life as a PlayStation 3 title. According to an interview published on the PlayStation Blog, the team happened upon the PS Vita during development and swiftly realised that the platform was “perfect for the game”.

Elsewhere in the interview, the team revealed that the topsy-turvy platformer was inspired by 2007 Xbox 360 exclusive Crackdown.

One developer said:

The game I was most influenced by was Crackdown. I really liked the aspect of unlocking skills and becoming more powerful, and achieving a higher level of freedom as you become more powerful. Plus the open-world setting. I enjoyed moving in that game.

The comparisons make sense: both games feature open-world settings, upgradeable characters and cartoony art-styles. To be honest, we’re not sure why we hadn’t thought of it before.

Gravity Rush is due out this summer on PlayStation Vita.