EA Sports has announced a paid expansion pack for FIFA 12 that will tie into this summer’s UEFA Euro 2012 international tournament.

The DLC – due out on 24th April in Europe and North America – will cost £15.99 from the PlayStation Network.

It will feature all 53 UEFA recognised international teams, in addition to all eight stadium venues being used for the tournament by host nations Poland and Ukraine.

EA’s said that it will dress the game with the appropriate “pageantry” befitting of the event, and will utilise a live service to pull real headlines from the tournament itself. One headline you’re unlikely to see is, “Rooney scores winner for England in final”. Bah humbug.

Instead the headlines will be used to form the basis of a Challenge mode that will reward you with XP to level up your EA Sports profile with.

Other new features include the Expedition mode, which will see you managing and competing with customised teams. As you defeat more proficient nations you’ll be given the opportunity to add better players to your squad and, consequential, form a team capable of conquering Europe.

It’s strange that EA’s not releasing a full boxed product to tie in with the tournament itself, but we suppose the DLC model is something footie fans have been clamouring for forever. The question is: are you tempted to pick up this expansion pack or are you happy playing vanilla FIFA 12 while the tournament is in progress?