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Namco Delays Ridge Racer Unbounded Until End of March

Posted by Sammy Barker

Not quite raring to go

If you were looking forward to pulling some right-angle drifts through oncoming traffic in a couple of weeks, we’ve got some bad news. Namco Bandai has announced that it has delayed the scheduled 2nd March release date for BugBear’s uncharacteristically crashy take on the Ridge Racer series, Ridge Racer Unbounded, until the 30th March.

A spokesperson told our friends over at

The development team felt they needed a little bit of extra time to optimise the game.

It seems like a reasonable explanation, but we have to question just how much a four week delay factors into the quality of a game.

Still, we trust Namco and BugBear to know their project better than we do. It’s disappointing for those looking forward to the game though.

You can find out more on the official Ridge Racer Unbounded website.


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jer18 said:

The first Ridge Racer release on the PSP was sweet - this will be good. I'm actually glad they will bump the release to allow for maximum "optimization"!

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