Having already got an extensive hands-on with the device, we think it's worth the price of entry — but we can understand some readers being hesitant to splash out the cash, especially with the system's proprietary memory upping the cost quite significantly.

Thankfully, British retailer GAME appears to have come up with a solution to make the PS Vita's price-tag that little bit easier to swallow. It's revealed a batch of bundles on its official website, each of which collate a bog-standard Wi-Fi PlayStation Vita, an anticipated game, and a free 4GB memory stick. That's a saving of £17.99.

We agree that the smallest memory stick should probably come bundled with the system in the first-place, but it doesn't. Hence, if you're looking to save a few quid when you pick up your PS Vita, and you're happy to settle for a 4GB stick, this deal makes a lot of sense.

[via game.co.uk]