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PS Vita RAM Confirmed at 512MB

Posted by Patrick Elliot

More RAM than PS3!

Shooting down previous rumours that the PS Vita RAM was reduced to 256MB to accommodate a lower launch price, Sony has confirmed that the system will indeed sport 512MB of RAM.

These were the original numbers thought to be packed into the system back when it was called the NGP, and places the handheld above PlayStation 3's 256MB of RAM. However the PS Vita's graphic processor still sits at 128MB of VRAM, half that of the PS3's 256MB of video RAM.

Seeing as the PS Vita boasts the ability to play full-on PS3 games, this may sound like a big step below the graphical abilities of its console big brother. But Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida explains that the Vita's smaller screen resolution demands less power.

The resolution on the PS Vita screen is much lower. Even though it's four times the resolution of PSP, compared to the console, the amount of data you have to push is much smaller.


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Magi said:

Is it possible for a hunk of electronics and plastic to be TOO sexy? Good golly I can't wait to wrap my hands around this thing!



Strider_Hiryu said:

Kind of an own goal by Sony, admitting that PS3 won't be able to implement cross game chat. But what's done is done, and the PS Vita appears extremely powerful in its configuration. Yes, it's sexy and there's no denying it.



Strider_Hiryu said:

Battery life has been officially touted as the same of a common PSP-3000, so expect 5 to 6 hours.



TheLZdragon said:

That's gonna be one heck of a battery. Is all this really necessary in a handheld?



gamrgod5 said:

Because Sony's philosophy is "It's all about the graphics".
Sony: "New PS4! It has 1,000,000TB of VRAM and 5 analogue sticks! This is why we are better than everyone. Especially Nintendo, because they only make the gayest games and weakest systems!"
Long live 3DS, for it is the best.

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