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Wow, PlayStation Move has Inspired a 32-bit Knock-Off

Posted by James Newton

Motion on the Move

Remember when Wii came out and discount stores were flooded with cheap plastic imitations? History has a knack of repeating itself, and while we thought this horrible PlayStation Move imitator was bad enough, here's another one to impress you.

Manufactured by the brilliantly named Ever Sparkle Technologies, the Motion on the Move console offers "high resolution 32-bit 3D graphics", putting it on par with the trusty PlayStation. The controllers are ever-so-slightly reminiscent of the Move controllers, though admittedly share just as many design features with underarm deodorants.

Still, we love the console's colourful take on the PlayStation Move logo, which must have taken all of 20 minutes in Microsoft Paint. Ever Sparkle Technologies, we salute you.


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tenpenny said:

At least Ever Sparkle Technologies made some games to go with their controller. Still waiting on Sony.

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