This could be you!

When the Wii was released we saw countless cheap knock-offs flood the market – remember the Vii? – and now it looks like Move is about to receive its own sincerest form of flattery in the form of the "i-dong". (Really, we're not making these names up.)

Displayed at a Chinese technology event, the i-dong uses a black sensor unit connected to a PC or set-top box to allow a separate motion controller to play games. So far, so Wii, but when you take a look at the components themselves it's clear the designers had something a little more modern in mind.

Whilst the sensor's wide black form isn't entirely displeasing to the eye, the motion controller looks like it should be a roll-on underarm deodorant rather than a gaming input device. With its sleek shape and half-spherical attachment at the top, it's at best a generous homage to Sony's design team, and at worse a matter for the company's lawyers.

The best part? The sensor, two controllers, games and infrared reflect costs around $220.