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Swing Around with Move-Enabled Top Spin 4 Demo

Posted by James Newton

North America only

Challenger for the crown of "top tennis title on Move", Top Spin 4 wants you to make up your own mind with a new Move-enabled demo available on the PlayStation Store in North America only.

The demo puts you in a tie break match at the US Open, with some of the world's top tennis players available to choose from. You'll also get chance to look at the new TV-style presentation and get to grips with the game's controls, which allow player movement with the Navigation and racquet control with the Move controller.

Let us know what you make of the playable demo in the comments section below.


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Wastedyuthe said:

I like the demo, but wish it would let you replay a match instead of having to keep going back to the Menu when one ends. I like the DS control, and have got used to holding down the button and letting go at the right times. However, I have now tried with the Move control and have mixed feelings about it. It feels better swinging something instead of just holding a button then letting go. But the timing for me was actually harder to get right with the Move, and my character still swung his racket at times even though i hadn't done so with the Move. It just seems like it half registers your motion and half decides what it wants to do itself. Movement around the court works well, but it seems you also control where you want your shot placed using the analogue stick too, instead of aiming with the correct motion of the Move controller. You can motion forward with your Move, but if you are holding to one side on the stick your character will hit their shot in that direction. Racket Sports had a lot of slack for not getting its hit direction right and being too tough to direct shots, but at least it did try to allow you to direct your shot using your Move motion. Grand Slam on the Wii got it right in this regard. Not sure about this game now tbh. Might wait to see how Virtua fares in comparison



TGov said:

I am pretty disappointed in it. I really don't feel like I am controlling the swing at all, I might as well be hitting a button. It would be nice if you had to back hand a back hand, instead I can just sit in one place and swing the controller the same way every time and it makes little difference.

Crossing my fingers for Virtua Tennis as I don't think I will be picking this one up.



Wastedyuthe said:

Completely agree TGov. VERY disappointed in Move control. As you say, you may as well use DS, as the direction of your shot and even the type of shot, can be down to button presses or analogue direction. Heck even Racket Sports allows slice control just by how you swing rather than having to press a button (unlike this- having to hold T). If the Move is so accurate, why must we hold a button to slice or lob when we swing? And it certainly is NOT 1:1 with the player on screen as it completely ignores your movements with regards to its animation. Sadly, even Racket Sports is closer to 1:1 compared to this



TGov said:

Honestly, I think the way Table Tennis in SC was implemented shows what can be done really well. I haven't played Racket Sports, so I can't comment there, but MOVE support really feels like it was thrown together in Top Spin 4. If developers aren't going to take the Move more seriously I am afraid the peripheral will be doomed.



Wastedyuthe said:

Again, completely agree. It really does feel like Move support was added as an after-thought and not thought about properly, and certainly not implemented as well as we would expect it to be.
With Virtua, from what we have seen, they have at least thought about how best to implement the Move, with the first-person view etc. Let's hope for good things with that title



din_djinn said:

Just adding my two cents, which is nothing more than saying I'm agreeing, the Move controls (Move with Nav) were not very enjoyable at first try. And I'm just not that interested to give it more than a look, so I'm glad there was a demo as I can pass on the game with some confidence. But that's only disappointing.



sacababe said:

I have barely played the demo, but based on about 5 minutes of play, I can only say...."NOOOOOO!" I was really wanting this game to work well and I am disappointed to say the least. I hope VT will be a good effort w/ the MOVE..



theaugster said:

This demo has provided one of the worst experiences I have had with the move! This is really too bad given Tennis on the move is the perfect venue. Let's hope Virtua Tennis nails it.



RonF said:

Just played the demo and I find it lacking. As a matter of fact, Top Spin 3 for the Wii was equally bad and it seems they didn't tried to improve their controls. I was expecting to be at least on par with Grand Slam Tennis, which definitely plays closer to real tennis.

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