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Killzone 3 Gets a Single Player Demo Next Month, Too

Posted by James Newton

Soloing and goodbye

Plenty has been made of Killzone 3's multiplayer mode, but don't forget it has a proper single player campaign mode. If you did forget, Sony wants to remind you by launching a single player demo on the PlayStation Store next month.

On February 15th in North America and February 16th in Europe you'll be able to download the Icy Incursion level from the game's campaign mode, which as the name implies takes place in the frozen wastelands of Helghan.

Those of you with 3DTVs will be able to download a 3D-enabled demo, but anyone with a good old 2D set will be able to experience an exclusive splitscreen two-player co-op mode.

Whichever download you go for, they're both fully PlayStation Move compatible, giving you a chance to try out the game's much-vaunted controls before launch, and PlayStation Plus members even get access to the demo one week in advance.

Killzone 3's campaign demo lands in North America on February 15th and Europe on February 16th, and don't forget the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta launches next week.


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MadchesterManc said:

I best preorder this otherwise it doesn't seem like Im gonna be able to pick it up lol Sony seem to be really pushing this one like they did with 2 (and 1 for all those that remember it fondly lol)



GiggleFish said:

So glad they are including Move support for the demos. I"ve been dying to see how this game handles with the move controller - if it is at least as good as MAGs move controls, I'll be a happy camper. Well, not a camper...per se...



lipnox said:

custom button setup means its an instant win for ps3 owners, I got the conduit to control perfectly

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