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PlayStation Move Shortage Draws Anger in New Zealand

Posted by James Newton

Questionable practices going on

Standalone Move controllers are as rare as hen's teeth at the moment no matter where you live in the world, but particularly in New Zealand where the controller has been sold out for over three weeks. Has that stopped unscrupulous retailers from advertising the controller as "in stock" to get more sales? Apparently not, attracting criticism from top New Zealand watchdog Consumer NZ's Sue Chetwin:

It's potentially a breach of the Fair Trading Act if you're marketing products you don't have to sell. Also it's unfair competition in a way if people have spent that money with you, when they might have spent it elsewhere.

Online retailers advertising sold-out items as available to purchase, with no mention of when the item will come in, is pretty shady stuff, though many retailers have relented and opened up to their customers about the situation.

We originally reported on New Zealand's low Move stocks back in September, and it seems the situation hasn't improved any since then. For its part, Sony promises a large consignment of controllers will hit the country late next week, just before Christmas.

If you're after a Move controller Down Under, good luck.


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danschemen said:

ya it pisses me off when gamestop says they have a game but they don't then i'm on some stupid chase to find a game



din_djinn said:

I wonder how many Moves NZ gets. I mean, there are only like 4 million there. How many Moves could they possibly need?

But I'm having my own troubles finding one, so, yeah, they seem to be selling well with quantities in short supply everywhere at the moment.

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