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The Official Reason for LittleBigPlanet 2's Delay is a Little Patchy

Posted by James Newton

Doesn't really add up

So LittleBigPlanet 2 isn't out until next year: disappointing news, especially combined with the revelation that the game's Move features will arrive later via DLC. "Why was it delayed?" you have every right to ask, and Media Molecule wants you to know it's because it didn't want to put out an unfinished game.

Following the developer's session at last weekend's Eurogamer Expo, Media Molecule main man Alex Evans revealed the game's delay was due to a reluctance to compromise the game for gamers whose consoles aren't connected to PlayStation Network.

In the end, the main reason for it though was just that we played the game and in the end realised that we had to make the Blu-ray perfect, and I don’t mean 100 percent perfect, but I just mean something we are proud of. We respect people don’t have online and don’t want to patch their game to get the full experience.

So why, then, is the Move support coming later as downloadable content only? Although the Move elements aren't set to be integral to the game experience, the approach contradicts Media Molecule's reasoning: offline gamers who own the motion controller will be denied the ability to use it in LittleBigPlanet 2 unless they connect their machine to the network to download the update.


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turtlelink said:

Hmm. Not a bright move on their part but i hope the game will respect offline players.



Strofan7 said:

I'm fine with this approach. I'd imagine a new packaging of the game being released along with the move patch which to include the move update. Pretty much like what heavy rain did. This seems like a good approach on their part. Also I don't think sales will be impacted too much by the delay either, as this game should have incredible legs with all of the user created levels and whatnot. And there isn't really a substitute for little big planet, nothing like a FPS or something.



mjc0961 said:

Because if they made everyone wait even longer just for Move integration, there would be a lot of pissed off fans who don't care about Move wanting MM's heads on sticks.



James said:

Seems contrary to delay it so offline gamers don't miss out on important features, then to release one such feature only through download. It's mental!



y2josh said:

The real reason for it's delay, as well as other online games delays, is a little thing called World of Warcraft Cataclysm



Token_Girl said:

If you have move you're pretty much screwed already if you don't have internet it seems, because most of the compatible games out now were made compatible through patches.

I think they mean mainly that they don't want to release a game with game breaking bugs/flaws and let the first buyers be beta testers who will need patches in order to actually play the game.



imapterodactyl said:

What Token Girl said. It's one thing to leave out an optional feature that can be downloaded later (and not everyone will get, and NO one will need), but it's another thing entirely to release a buggy game that can't be properly played without patching first. There's nothing wrong with a game being enhanced by online features, but everyone should be able to play the game right out of the box without worrying whether everything will actually work.

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