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Move Support "Not a Good Fit" for Twisted Metal

Posted by James Newton

David Jaffe squashes hopes for breakfast

Twisted Metal is on its way to PlayStation 3, but the game won't let you make use of your favourite motion controller, according to a Tweet from director David Jaffe.

davidscottjaffe: @iawt No, no move support for TM. Doesn't seem like a great fit.

The first footage of the game shows off a flaming-headed chainsaw-wielding clown on a motorbike, but we'll have to wait to find out what it feels like to swing Move like a chainsaw. Our guess: pretty awesome.


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cheapogamer4life said:

I guess using the navigation controller to move your vehicle and the Move controller to look and aim won't work....



mjc0961 said:

Cool, +5 awesome points for Jaffe (although that's just a drop in the bucket for him, haha). It's vehicle combat, I don't see how motion controls would fit either.



Slapshot said:

"Thank You David Jafe"

Wii has shown time and time over that Motion Control dont fit every flippin game released. This is NOT a game I would want motion control on at all. Every review of the game would have negative feedback on Move controls more than likely wich will make Move look bad as well bring unnecessary negativity into the games review. Move can ruin games if not implemented properly! This is exactly what I want to see with Sony and Move, dont put Move where it doesn't belong!

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