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Fri 1st Jan 2010

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cheapogamer4life commented on Review: When Vikings Attack (PlayStation Network):

Unless theirs a major release for the ps+ Vita tomorrow i'll be getting this along with the expected TPA add-on. I really enjoyed the DSIware version of Bomberman so i hope with online play this one improves on that. Thanks for the early review PS!



cheapogamer4life commented on Spend $100 on PSN This Month and Get $20 Back:

I've been looking forward to something like this for a while. Been thinking about signing up for psn+($60), and I'm for sure getting $10 worth of Vita dlc this month. That only leaves $30 to spend to get the promotion. NLKS or a few catch up titles should be enough.



cheapogamer4life commented on PlayStation Network Sales Explode, Plus Subscr...:

Like others have said, I really don't have time to play to justify getting a plus subscription. Although I'll still do what I did last time around this time year. Sign up for 3 months because I'm sure their are going to be some amazing holiday offers coming up that are exclusive to +members.