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Auditorium Coming to PlayStation Network with Moving Results

Posted by James Newton

Musical puzzle game to support controller

Fans of Flash gaming may already be familiar with Auditorium, a soothing blend of music and puzzles that sees you diverting beams of music into an equaliser (yes, really). The game itself is getting a PlayStation Network launch next month, and publisher ZooGames has confirmed it'll support PlayStation Move.

Not only will you be able to use Move to redirect the flow of music, the glowing sphere atop the controller will pulse and change colour to reflect the particles themselves, creating what most PR companies would call "a unique audio-visual experience".

There's a free Flash demo of Auditorium for you to see what you think ahead of the PSN release in November.


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Slapshot said:

Not to big on buying things I can get for Free, maybe its a big enough update to warrant the purchase and hopefully a lower price tag as well.

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