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Resident Evil 5 Move Trailer Lurks Behind this Creaky Door

Posted by James Newton

Classic mansion and helicopters in Move-o-vision

The Move-enabled update for zombie slayers is now available, and to celebrate Capcom has put together a launch trailer for Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, showing the new controls in all their waggle-tastic glory.

Don't forget this update will only work with Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, not the original title. The game has been repackaged and relaunched across Europe at a budget price of £19.99 or €29.99, so if you're tempted to Move on up then now might be a good time.


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JamieO said:

That is a cracking cut-scene from Resi 5 where Chris Redfield is talking to Sheva and he has the flashback about heading off with Jill Valentine to the Spencer estate. As the video shows, this is where they meet a certain bleach blonde, sunglasses donning, classic Resi 'evil' fella and it makes sense for Capcom to use the exclusive Gold Edition extra content of Lost in Nightmares to show off Move in the trailer.

The other bit of the video is also from the Gold Edition's extra content, it is taken from Desperate Escape, both of these extra levels are great additions to the original game.

I have nailed Resi 5 with the DualShock 3, I can't wait to get my hands on the Move controls to sort out the 'Majini' infected and have a montion sensed attempt to combat the Uroboros Project. Oh yeah, it may sound like gibberish, but anyone who plays Resi knows exactly what I'm talking about!



liammiller18 said:

I'm very annoyed that it will only work with Gold Edition. I attended a midnight release for the game and bought the Limited Edition of the game on top of all of the DLC upon launch, yet I still have to pay another 45$ for Move controls.



danschemen said:

i still think they should movie this game to the wii since they pretty much are using the resident evil 4 wii edition controls. but i know they wont because they aren't willing to make the graphics of the game go any lower, but who can blame them the game looks awesome



SilverBaretta said:

One of the few games I'm jealous of on PS3, I thought RE4 Wii Edition was the penultimate version of the game, especially with it's pointer controls, I'm sure RE5 would be justly improved with Move support.

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