We liked DJ Hero a lot actually. We bought it launch day. Launch day! Y'know, when it cost like a bajillion pounds. It had an understandably slow start, debuting at number 20 on the UK charts and managing to shift just 122k units in the US during its launch month.

The game had legs though. Probably in thanks to numerous price cuts, DJ Hero has shifted a whopping 1.2million units to date. That's not a number to be sniffed at.

“That’s not a flop; that’s the long tail at work,” wrote Dan Amrich on his blog. "DJ Hero was dubbed a flop on its release… but what it needed was time for its audience to find it, a price break, and positive word from both friends and reviews to circulate.”

Amrich was writing in response to Blur's slow-start, and to be fair he's got a point. Some games do just need time. Others fly out of the gate and tail off. LittleBigPlanet was another game deemed a failure despite it staying in the UK top 40 for months and months, eventually shifting 3million copies.

[via vg247.com]