During a show-reel of Playstation 3 games, Keighley announced that this week's episode of GTTV would see the unveiling of a "surprise Sony sequel". But what could that game be?

Obvious choices would boil down to Killzone 3 or Resistance 3. Both games are known to be in development, and an announcement outside of E3 or GDC could be perceived as exciting. But, with due respect to GDC, such top-tier Sony franchises are likely to find their place in an E3 or GDC, rather than on GTTV. However, Keighley's comments on Twitter suggest the game might still be a huge release. In a response to a Tweet regarding the graphic fidelity of Playstation 3 exclusives, Keighley responded, "wait until you see what they're doing next... very soon on GTTV", hinting perhaps that the game reveal may be a graphical power-house. In all honesty, despite the unlikelihood of the announcement on GTTV, Killzone 3 would be a surprising announcement due to Killzone 2 being released in the last 12 months.

However, we still consider Resistance 3 and Killzone 3 announcements to be too top-tier for an episode of GTTV, and certainly not quite the "surprise" Keighley teases. We've taken a hard think about the "surprise sequel" and reckon it could be one of the following: rumoured Warhawk sequel Starhawk; a PS3 Syphon Filter game developed by Sony Bend; David Jaffe's latest game, assumed to be Twisted Metal; a new entry in the MediEvil franchise; a sequel to MotorStorm.

All games sound feasible, all would be a surprise, and all have the potential to push the Playstation 3 hardware to its limits. In all honesty, we'd say the most likely announcement would be Starhawk — but we'd be really, really excited if Syphon Filter or MediEvil got announced. We think Twisted Metal will be at E3.

So, valued reader, what do you think the surprise announcement will be? What are you hoping for?