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News: PS4 Exclusive Days Gone Looks Insane on PS4 Pro

PS4 Exclusive Days Gone Looks Insane on PS4 Pro

Dead nice

Days Gone, the new apocalyptic property from Sony Bend, is shaping up to be one of the poster childs for the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro – and's managed to get its hands on a brand new batch of screenshots to support that. These images show the title running in its checkerboard 4K format, and frankly, it just looks...

News: PS4 Pro Has More Memory Than the Base Model

PS4 Pro Has More Memory Than the Base Model

Level up

Sony has revealed that the PlayStation 4 Pro has an additional gigabyte of memory compared to the existing unit. This bonus is not directly for use in games, but to help the console with application switching; currently that process is handled by the existing 8GB GDDR5 RAM included with the PS4, but now it can be offloaded to the extra...

Review: Skylanders: Imaginators (PS4)

Skylanders: Imaginators (PS4)

Crash bash

Ever since it was kickstarted by Mattel's U.B. Funkeys titles a decade ago, the 'toys to life' genre has become a juggernaut, raking in billions and becoming the bane of parents' wallets worldwide. Skylanders is its flagship, a colourful platforming series with a now gigantic selection of stylised action figures to import into the game...

Review: Viking Squad (PS4)

Viking Squad (PS4)

Norse to see you

Viking Squad is a sidescrolling arcade brawler for up to three players, both offline and online, and it proves to be good old fashioned beat-'em-up fun with friends sat beside you. Filled with colour, cartoon characters, and daft humour, it's got a lot in common with a game like Castle Crashers - except here, you're plopped into the...

News: Sony Partners with ESL for PS4 Tournaments

Sony Partners with ESL for PS4 Tournaments

Got what it takes?

Do you think that you're the MVP? Sony has partnered with the ESL to bring tournaments to the PlayStation 4, so it's time to prove your worth. Sign-ups have opened today in the Events hub on the new-gen console, with NBA 2K17 the first title to score support in North America, while FIFA 17, WRC 5, and Project CARS will also be...

News: Oh! Batman: Return to Arkham Is Out on PS4

Oh! Batman: Return to Arkham Is Out on PS4

No Joker

Surprise: Batman: Return to Arkham is out now. Well, in some regions it is – those of you in the UK may have to wait until tomorrow. The point, though, is that this game seems to have snuck up on us like a laughing gas bomb. We distinctly remember it being delayed a little earlier in the year… And now, it's out! Here's the launch...

News: Horizon: Zero Dawn on PS4 Has Walking Towers

Horizon: Zero Dawn on PS4 Has Walking Towers

Because of course it does

No open world game is complete without towers for you to climb, and Horizon: Zero Dawn is no different. Guerrilla Games' gorgeous role-playing release will see you clambering up dino-bots in order to reach a vantage point, which will unlock points of interest on the map. Yeah. Look, at least these lookout points are...

Podcast: Episode 16 - PlayStation VR Review

Episode 16 - PlayStation VR Review

And Mafia III gets patted down

So, PlayStation VR is now out in the wild, and Potter's finally got his hands on a unit, so we cut to the chase this episode and knuckle down to discuss – well, attempt to – just how the headset stacks up. We also ask the important questions: should you buy one and if you do, what games are worth your time? The...

Review: Harmonix Music VR (PS4)

Harmonix Music VR (PS4)


As part of the launch lineup for Sony's PlayStation VR headset, there are a wealth of games, alongside some less interactive experiences. In between each of these is Harmonix Music VR, which fits neither bracket. The package boasts several different types of experience for you to mess around with. All of them involve playing music and...