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Tales of Innocence R (PS Vita / PlayStation Vita)

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Tales of Innocence gets re-imagined for PS Vita with new characters, extra content and a new combat system.

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News: PS Vita Gets Tales of Innocence R

PS Vita Gets Tales of Innocence R

Mystery "Tales of" title revealed

Namco Bandai teased us earlier this month with the promise of a PS Vita Tales of game, and is making good on the gesture by officially unveiling Tales of Innocence R for PS Vita. The "R" in the title may as well stand for "re-imagining," as the game will be a complete revamp of the original DS...

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consolfreak1982 said:

why is there no sign of it to ever come to EU?
I love the Tales Series so much but so many Games of that Series never came to Europe

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