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Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention (PS Vita / PlayStation Vita)

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The award-winning fan favorite Disgaea 3 is set to join the HD handheld revolution with Absence of Detention, an expanded, enhanced special release for PS Vita.

With all of the console release's DLC, plus new characters, story chapters, quests, bosses, touch controls, and more, Absence of Detention promises to be one of the biggest Disgaea games yet - and you can carry it in the palm of your hand!


Two new characters and story chapters, new quests and bosses, new skills specific to each job and character class, new super moves, new Tera magic, new front and rear touch controls, and new GPS positioning functionality take full advantage of the power of PlayStation®Vita!

In previous Disgaea games, new items could be created based on the stats of something else, but the customization stopped there. In Absence of Detention, players can choose how those items look, too, giving them more control over the look and feel of their items than ever before!

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

No absence of depth

The Disgaea series has surged in popularity in recent years, mainly due to its nearly limitless degree of combat depth and heaped amounts of content. Disgaea 3 was originally released on PS3, along with a vast selection of downloadable content, so rather...

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