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BioShock Vita (PlayStation Vita)

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An all new adventure set in the BioShock universe, exclusive to Playstation Vita.

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In development

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Azikira said:

Personally, I hope that this Bioshock will take place in Rapture. No offense to those who love Bioshock Infinite's looks or anything, but I prefer sneaking around in dark places while defending myself from Splicers.
That being said, I wouldn't mind to see Infinite find its way towards the Vita someday. :3




I thought Ken Levine said nothing was happening with this? Why is it listed as in development?



Galvatron said:

What a mess; Levine is, unlike Molyneux, an actual gaming design genius. Like Molyneux, however, he's also prone to needless rambling and Bioshock Vita isn't even greenlit, merely 'possible'.

Hardly what Vita owners who appreciate the depths of immersion Bioshock 1 in particular offered; at least Soul Sacrifice will be in Europe in 4 weeks :-)

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