Crash Bandicoot (PSone)

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The first entry in Naughty Dog's smash hit series.

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Posted by Joey Thurmond

Marsupial madness

At one time, Crash Bandicoot was the face of the PlayStation brand, but through licensing headaches and the creation of other characters, the spunky star hasn’t quite gone on to fill the role of Nintendo’s Mario or Microsoft’s Master Chief. However,...

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News: Crash Bandicoot Spins Past 500,000 Downloads in Europe

Crash Bandicoot Spins Past 500,000 Downloads in Europe

Naughty Gods

Releasing old games like Crash Bandicoot on the PlayStation Network makes more sense than peanut butter and jelly, as evidenced by the fact that the PSone Classic has now surpassed 500,000 downloads in Europe. Sony confirmed the tidbit as part of its monthly digital sales charts, where the Naughty Dog hit held onto its place atop the...

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