PlayStation Studios

Sony is focusing on expanding its PS5 install base, the "enhancement of first-party software and PC deployment", and giving players "richer gaming experiences" as part of a three-year plan detailed in its latest financial results. The mid-term focus was quickly covered during the earnings call, revealing that Sony is preparing a significant first-party lineup once the current drought is over.

While new IPs like Concord and a rumoured Astro Bot game are being prepared for 2024, Sony has already confirmed no big-budget sequels will launch for PS5 before March of next year, at which point it's assumed these "enhanced" and "richer gaming experiences" will arrive. PlayStation fans will be looking out for further single player epics like a Ghost of Tsushima sequel, and new titles from Naughty Dog and Santa Monica Studio, for example. Sony is also doubling down on its "PC deployment" which — despite hitting a recent stumbling block in the Helldivers 2 debacle — has progressed well for the company overall.

As always, the sales of PS5 systems is a large focus for Sony, with today's announcement of 59.3 million systems shipped meaning the company has just slightly missed its target for the fiscal year. An upgraded PS5 Pro console is heavily rumoured to launch later this year, which will give current owners of the more hardcore nature a reason to further their investment in the PlayStation box.

Are you excited to see what sort of PS5 games Sony has in store for the second half of the current generation? Predict what its got up its sleeve in the comments below.