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Coconut Dodge (PS Minis / PlayStation Minis)

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Help Clawrence dodge falling coconuts, weave through airborne mazes and play beach ball keepy-uppy to collect giant, shiny treasures.

Dodge your way through 30 levels of tropical mayhem to satisfy a greed for gold, diamonds and rubies.
Use the Maze Master game mode to learn the rhythm and precision needed to grab the most valuable treasure, and then take your skills to the main game for a shot at the high score.
Choose Casual maze routes for quick fun, or Hardcore for heart-pounding, eye-watering coco-bullet marathons

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Sammy Barker

Like its name, Coconut Dodge is simplistic as it gets: dodge the coconuts, collect the treasure

The key to its success, therefore, is its bold simplicity — after all, this is what Minis were made for, right?We have the utmost respect for Coconut Dodge's developers, FuturLab. Their website notes a torrid tale in which the recognised Flash studio...

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News: Coconut Dodge Is Creeping onto the PlayStation Vita

Coconut Dodge Is Creeping onto the PlayStation Vita

We can't wait to crab a copy

Coconut Dodge, the time sapping PlayStation Mini from Velocity developer FuturLab, is following in its successor’s footsteps and getting a full PlayStation Vita re-release. “Special Christacean Message: Clawrence is also coming to Vita natively in 2013 with online scores, PSN Trophies, and HD coconuts,” the...

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