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WWE 2K15 (PS4 / PlayStation 4)

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The long awaited next generation of WWE games has arrived. Bring all the action, Superstars, and entertainment of WWE to your home with WWE 2K15, which will deliver the most realistic WWE gaming experience to date.

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Posted by Ben Potter

Three-Star Frog Splash

It’s been a month since we saw WWE 2K15’s last-gen offering – a game that we called “a kick in the teeth” – released on the PlayStation 3, but with updated visuals, an improved control scheme, and promising new game modes, is its PlayStation 4...

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Everything That's Wrong with WWE 2K15 PS4's My Career Mode

CM Flunk

As the only member of the Push Square team that regularly rocks up for work dressed as the Ultimate Warrior, this particular Video Editor was more excited for WWE 2K15 on PS4 than a date with diva extraordinaire, Paige. Unfortunately, as our recent review indicated, the meat of the release, My Career mode, is a dismal disappointment. Allow...

First Impressions: Does WWE 2K15 on PS4 Have Heavyweight Pedigree?

Does WWE 2K15 on PS4 Have Heavyweight Pedigree?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

If you heard loud screaming coming from the back corner of Earls Court, it may have been us. Yes, 2K Sports brought the PlayStation 4 version of WWE 2K15 to the UK’s biggest video game fair this year, EGX London, and throwing ourselves at a free demo unit, it became all too apparent why our fellow revellers were yelling at full...

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MikoTruStar said:

I caann not waaaaaiitttt until this comes out! WWE 2K15 is pretty much theee ONLY reason I recently bought the PS4.

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