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  • News Dreams Creator Transforms Table into Billiards Game, Blows Our Collective Minds

    Snookerin' you tonight

    Dreams is not out yet, but it’s already obvious that it’s the easiest 10/10 we’ll ever award. Just spare a moment to look at this embedded Tweet, and tell us you’re not impressed: So this is created entirely within the PlayStation 4 creation suite – but how? Well, we’re wondering the same thing to be honest. We...

  • News Dreams Gets Australian Rating - Is a PS4 Release Date Imminent?

    Dream come true?

    Ratings boards can occasionally preempt exciting news. It's not terribly uncommon for a previously unannounced game to be rated ahead of the official reveal, or the announcement of a release date. Forgive us, then, for this latest development on one of PlayStation 4's most exciting exclusives, Dreams. It's been available in early...

  • Rumour Did the Release Date for Dreams Just Get Leaked by ShopTo?

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Update: The ShopTo tweet revealing what could be the release date of Dreams has been deleted. Is Sony about to make an announcement? Original Story: Well, this made us sit up and pay attention on a quiet Wednesday afternoon. Online retailer ShopTo just tweeted out about Dreams, the PlayStation 4 exclusive creation engine...

  • News No, This Isn't a New WipEout on PS4

    Dreams strikes again

    Not a week goes by that we don't spot at least one impressive creation made in Media Molecule's Dreams. This time, we've been wowed by SlidEout 3019 by PlayStation 4 user Gauffreman -- a clear love letter to Sony's WipEout series. If you're not convinced by the above screenshot -- which already shows the ridiculous attention to...




  • News National Treasure Nando's Partners with Media Molecule

    Cheeky, cheeky

    In a move that’s sure to prove peri-peri popular with PlayStation fans, Nando’s has partnered with Media Molecule to offer a day of spicy chicken and game development seminars at its new UK pop-up store in Hackney. Running from 1PM to 4PM on 8th August, purchase a £5 ticket and you’ll be able to get your hands on one of 15-20...


  • News Media Molecule Is Hiring Small Development Teams to Make Games Using Dreams

    Dream job

    Posting about job listings isn't always that interesting, but Media Molecule isn't your average game studio. The whimsical Guildford developer has updated the jobs page on its official site, and this new opening sounds like an incredible opportunity. In a nutshell, the Sony studio is looking to contract small dev teams to create fresh...

  • News Final Fantasy VII Remake Remade in Dreams on PS4

    A dream come true

    We do love it when a Dreams creation goes viral. Media Molecule's tools have proven to be extremely versatile during this early access phase. From someone using the game to make a puppet show to another user aiming to recreate the gameplay of Super Mario 64, the community has managed to build some incredible things. The trend...

  • News Super Mario 64's Physics Flawlessly Recreated in Dreams


    A complaint often levelled at user-generated content is that it rarely plays as well as a professionally made game. It’s a fair criticism: hobbyist creators working in suites such as LittleBigPlanet are often capable of incredible artistic achievements, but it’s rare for amateurs to get that all-important “feel” right. That’s what...

  • News Woah! Crash Bandicoot Made in Dreams Is the Real Deal

    Open world Spongebob Squarepants also in the works

    Here’s our bi-weekly update on Dreams, the game that’s practically going to keep us in clicks every time there’s a slow news day. Take this Crash Bandicoot-inspired level, which may be lacking the right kind of soundtrack but excels in every other area. The creator – a user called milbox –...