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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 (PS3 / PlayStation 3)

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Swing like a pro in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 with the PlayStation Move!

Experience playing the world's most famous golf courses from the comfort of your living room in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 for the PlayStation 3 - now featuring authentic golf swing motion with the PlayStation Move motion controller. For the first time in franchise history, HD visuals and robust online experiences combine with the feel of motion control to create the most immersive Tiger Woods PGA TOUR golf experience to date.

Feel the thrill of ripping a drive down the fairway, thanks to the intuitive PlayStation Move controller. Then use the precision control of the PlayStation Move to adjust power and shot shaping from tee to green. Play in the all-new True Aim mode, judging shots and distance using yardage markers only, to provide the most authentic and realistic experience for even the most seasoned virtual golf pro.

The PlayStation Move is available for use in all game modes, online and offline, in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11. To enable PlayStation Move functionality for Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11, players must download a title update from PlayStation Network and the PlayStation Eye camera is required.

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Posted by Henry Stockdale

Tiger comes out swinging

Tiger Woods is a name that needs no introduction. Rising to fame back in 1996, he's since become one of the most successful golfers of all time, becoming the face of EA's PGA Tour Golf series for over a dozen titles. While it’s all too common to see...

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