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Silent Hill HD Collection (PS3 / PlayStation 3)

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Silent Hill HD Collection combines two classic spine-chilling Silent Hill titles from the past and brings them to the PlayStation 3 for the first time ever.

Introducing Silent Hill 2 Restless Dreams and Silent Hill 3 with enhancements including true high-definition graphics, this offering gives new fans and old fans the opportunity to experience the early era of Silent Hill as a true genre-defining experience with the added value of two games.

Silent Hill 2 Restless Dreams follows the sad story of James Sunderland as he woefully enters the sleepy town by a mysterious letter from his deceased wife. Seeking the chance to see her again beckoned by guilt and remorse, he stumbles upon his these fears manifested through unseen evil and ominous characters leading him to the asylum of another world. The fight against the truth that his wife has died, James must escape the lumbering demon Red Pyramid (a.k.a Pyramid Head) along with his mystified fears that have taken the form of living monsters within the haze that is Silent Hill.

Serving as a sequel to the original Silent Hill game, Silent Hill 3 centers on the forces of the demonic cult that spreads the insanity of the otherworld through Claudia, a cult member attempting to bring Harry Mason's daughter, Heather, into Silent Hill. With a subplot and themes involving the loss of innocence and childhood, a web of intrigue is spun by Claudia with intentions to birth a new god.

Experience the two classic Silent Hill titles previously released on PlayStation 2, Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams & Silent Hill 3, that defined the Survival Horror genre in its early inception

Both titles re-mastered to HD at 720p for improved graphics on PlayStation 3

Completely updated in-game voiceover directed by series vocalist Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

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Posted by Zach Kaplan

Broken locks and broken hearts

Everything is different in the dark. The play of light and shadow can lend any partially obscured object an ominous tone. If you've ever navigated your room late at night after waking from a deep sleep, half-aware of reality and half-aware you're no...

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