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My Fitness Coach Club (PS3 / PlayStation 3)

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My Fitness Coach - Club is designed exactly to fit your personal needs, so that you can reach your own goals – fast!

Created to meet your personal needs and objectives, My Fitness Coach - Club helps you choose the best workouts to achieve your goals. It was developed with the help of experienced fitness professionals to ensure every move is precise and effective. The clear visual and audio feedback, the beautiful backgrounds and the music create a motivating environment for your training.

Key Features

    Create your profile and choose your objective
    Workouts developed with the help of experienced fitness professionals to insure precision and effectiveness.
    Clear verbal and visual feedback to help you achieve better moves. Use the PSEye and Move to see your moves and correct them!
    Personalise your workouts with your own music: upload your favourite tunes and let the game choose the ones best suited for your workout!
    Track your progress with a number of motivating statistics and see how well you’re doing!
    Throughout the year, enjoy a wide range of downloadable workouts to individually expand your fitness program to your liking, guaranteed to keep you motivated.

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Posted by James Newton

Sweaty beauty

While PlayStation Move's motion-controlled rivals are swimming in fitness games, this is only the second such title to reach Sony's black beauty after Get Fit with Mel B. Ubisoft's effort My Fitness Coach Club (known as Fit In Six in North America) comes...

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TGov said:

I really hope this one turns out to be pretty good as the current fitness offerings for the Move or even PS3 are kind of lack luster IMO. I like the idea of the EA sports fitness title, but I have head bad things about the sensors and such.

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