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GoldenEye 007: Reloaded (PS3 / PlayStation 3)

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Experience the GoldenEye game updated for the PS3 with beautiful graphics, upgraded multiplayer capabilities, multiple controller types, and enhanced gameplay customizations.

Refined. Recharged. Reloaded.

True Next Gen - Experience GoldenEye on the next gen platform with stunning visuals, fast frenetic action, covert stealth gameplay and unforgettable characters.

Upgraded Multiplayer - Replay the multiplayer game that defined a generation but, now, with all new enhancements:

Up to 16 players online
More weapons, more classic Bond villains
New Mi-6 Ops mode - play covert, elimination, defense and assault game modes across 11 unlockable challenge areas
Choice & Customization - Customize your gameplay with more modifiers and weapon loadouts than ever before in BOTH the single AND multi-player campaigns. Play with standard controllers, PlayStation Move, the PlayStation Sharp Shooter, or the Top Shot Elite. You decide.

Multiplayer Reloaded - Expanded modes and modifiers for Splitscreen and Online: Play the classic modes you love
Paintball, Melee Only and Golden Gun and discover ALL NEW modes to be revealed; Play private matches with classic health, classic weapons and much more.
new multiplayer maps: relive legendary multiplayer maps PLUS 4 all new maps
classic conflict multiplayer mode features brand new additional classic characters, signature weapons, gadgets and abilities

Customize single player for the first time with campaign modifiers: infinite ammo, Golden Gun, Paintball, RPG and many more
MI-6 Ops challenge levels: covert, elimination, download defense and assault modes across 11 unlockable challenge areas, expanded time trial mode and time trial leader boards for players to actively compete and compare their scores in the unlockable time trial modes
PlayStation Move, Sharp Shooter and Top Shot Elite support PlayStation Move for the very first time.

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Posted by James Newton

Premium Bond?

1998's GoldenEye 007 on Nintendo 64 was a watershed moment in first-person shooters, and is still held in the highest regard by thousands of gamers who hold every new Bond release up to that 64-bit benchmark. But just as the James Bond film series has...

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GoldenEye 007: Reloaded (North America)

Become Bond

Last year's GoldenEye 007 on Wii just got a whole lot slicker, as GoldenEye 007: Reloaded is out today in North America. The HD revamp supports PlayStation Move and the Sharp Shooter as well as standard controllers, and includes brand new MI:6 missions as well as the Wii version's acclaimed multiplayer. We'll don our tuxedos and prepare...

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GoldenEye Launch Trailer Detonates in 5, 4, 3, 2...

Bond goes boom

James Bond's third appearance on PlayStation 3 is less than 24 hours away in North America: GoldenEye 007: Reloaded is ready to grab PlayStation Move by the tuxedo lapels and make a witty remark. To celebrate the suave spy's first motion-controlled outing on PS3, Activision has created this rather nice launch trailer below that hits...

News: Stealth is the Key in New GoldenEye: Reloaded Video

Stealth is the Key in New GoldenEye: Reloaded Video


We're just two weeks away from GoldenEye 007: Reloaded's release on PlayStation 3, and a new video released by Activision wants to put you firmly in the espionage mood. The new "stealth" trailer below is exactly what it says on the tin, impressing on players the importance of taking things slowly instead of running in all guns...

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michiganurse said:

I missed out on the wii version but I will surely be one of the ones to grab a copy this go round.



rommel said:

@michiganurse PLEASE!!! HELP!!! the movement is crap!! Its ridiculous...the normal movement seems to go all over the place.Please help.Peter.

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