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Right now for me it's The Crew 2. I really enjoyed the first one alot, mind you I am not big on racing games and I enjoy the arcadey type more, but after playing The Crew 2 I was severely disappointed with it. Now I know it's a beta but the game has an few weeks till it's launched which retailers like GameStop, Walmart etc. and such have their orders already which means unless they do a huge patch it's not going to be fixed anytime soon.

The problem for me was the lack of a story unlike the first one except you want to be the best racer in the world. No reason why, unless they will say something later like do you need the money to save someone, is a childhood dream etc.

If anything playing the game just makes me want to play the first one again.

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@Tasuki Well, that's a darn shame. I was keeping an eye on that because it's looked so amazing in trailers (naturally, but still). Thanks for the thoughts!

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