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  • News Rejoice! Joe's Diner Has Gotten a PS5 Patch

    We did it, Joe

    Folks, it finally happened. The most important PlayStation 4 game not playable on PlayStation 5 at launch has only gone and gotten itself a patch that adds next-gen compatibility. This means that Joe's Diner is now playable on PS5 via backwards compatibility! Update 1.01 fixes the problem, weighing in at just over 500MB. The patch...

  • Review Professional Farmer 2017 (PS4)

    Cull the crops

    It's never nice comparing a game to an infinitely superior peer – especially when that title scored an uninspiring 6/10 on this very site. Professional Farmer 2017 is so mind-bogglingly bad, though, that it makes Farming Simulator 15 look like Game of the Year in comparison. This is a cynical cash-grab trying to capitalise on the...