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  • News Turok Trophy List Spotted, PS4 Release Likely Incoming

    No dinosaur is safe

    It looks like the remastered version of the 1997 classic Turok is coming to PlayStation 4 in the near future. A Trophy list for the title has been spotted on Exophase after being available for just over two years over on the Xbox One. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a Platinum Trophy, but we'd still welcome the facelift this...

  • News Turok: Escape from Lost Valley Is Not the Game You Think It Is

    It's so cute

    The return of Turok is something fans have been waiting on for quite some time, but we bet they weren't expecting this. From Universal Studios Interactive Entertainment and Pillow Pig Games comes Turok: Escape from Lost Valley, and as you can see, it's quite the departure. It's clear that this is an original take on the Turok IP which,...

  • News Dinosaur Hunter Turok May Roar to PlayStation 4

    Tyrannosaurus Rex-cellent

    Those of you who grew up during the Nintendo 64 era will likely be familiar with Turok – after all, Dinosaur Hunter and its sequel Seeds of Evil were two of the most popular third-party titles available on the console. There's good news, then: Night Dive Studios, a team dedicated to remastering old games, is considering...