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    Virtual reality is a new addition to Sony's gaming repertoire, and with it has arrived a glut of new experiences and games. In fact, PlayStation VR has secured an impressively robust launch lineup with upwards of 20 titles on day one. Sure, not all of them can be winners – but luckily, Thumper is. A rhythm game described by the two-man...

  • News Rhythm Violence Arrives on PS4 Today with Thumper

    Includes full PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR support

    Thumper is out now in North America, with a European launch scheduled to follow on 13th October. The so-called rhythm violence release has been garnering glowing reviews all over the web, with our verdict set to follow over the coming days. We've fallen in love with it on the occasions that we've...

  • News Thumper Will Make Your Eyes Bleed in PlayStation VR

    Tunnel vision

    Take it from someone who's played it: Thumper is freakin' rad. The aggressive rhythm game serves up a retina erasing concoction of Cool Running and Tron, where you control a bobsleigh-esque space beetle through neon environments, smashing against right-angle bends and breaking through gates. It's nauseating insanity. And soon you'll...

  • News Thumper Will Probably Keep You Up All Night on PS4

    Magical mystery tour

    Thumper is a 'rhythm violence game', and it's coming to PlayStation 4 at some point next year. Developed by Drool, the title's premise sounds absolutely bonkers. According to the studio, you're placed in control of a 'space beetle' and you need to navigate through psychedelic worlds. We admit, the concept's a bit difficult to...