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  • News Cross-Console Play Arrives in Rocket League on PS4

    Compete against all other systems

    Remember cross-console play? It was a hot button topic in the gaming industry for all of five minutes, until Sony announced a Fortnite beta and no one ever mentioned it again. Well, Rocket League is the second game to join the programme, meaning that from today, players on “PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox...



  • News Rocket League Delays Cross-Play Party System into Next Year

    PS4 about to get an invite?

    Rocket League already supports cross-play in various permutations across a number of different platforms, but Psyonix’s big priority has been building a party system which will work across devices. Unimaginatively dubbed RocketID, this feature was set to launch later in the year on non-PlayStation platforms at least,...


  • News Rocket League Cross-Play Seems Likely on the PS4

    Open goal

    Now that Sony’s opened its doors to cross-play on the PlayStation 4, another title seems likely to jump aboard. Rocket League, which is one of the games that the Japanese giant’s previous policy blocked, is looking like it’ll support players across Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 soon, as



  • News Rocket League Anniversary Event Kicks Off Next Week on PS4

    Happy birthday

    Time sure does fly when you're smacking a giant ball around with rocket-propelled cars wearing hats. Rocket League is three years old this week, but its predecessor, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, is turning 10. As you might expect, Psyonix is looking to celebrate both birthdays with an in-game Anniversary Event...




  • News Rocket League Raises the Bat Signal from 5th March

    Animated series next?

    Two classic Batmobiles are set to join Rocket League’s growing vehicular roster from 5th March, with the Christopher Nolan-era Tumbler and the iconic 1989 Tim Burton-era roadster both scheduled to be added to the title as part of the DC Super Heroes add-on pack. Of course, the DLC includes more than merely two new vehicles,...



  • News Rocket League Runs in 4K at 60 Frames Per Second on PS4 Pro

    Patch coming next week

    One of the most played PlayStation 4 games is about to get a facelift, with Psyonix pledging PS4 Pro support for Rocket League starting 21st February. This is a full, native patch and not a Boost Mode improvement, meaning that the title will now run in (checkerboard) 4K at 60 frames-per-second across all arenas in...

  • News Holy Moly! Rocket League's Getting Hot Wheels DLC

    Like, licensed Hot Wheels

    Rocket League's rapid ascension from cult indie classic to mainstream monster could probably be marked by the addition of the Batmobile, but we reckon these Hot Wheels classics are arguably even cooler. Psyonix has announced that Bone Shaker and Twin Mill III are launching as DLC cars starting 21st February. They'll cost...

  • News Of Course Rocket League's Getting a Line of Toy Cars


    Back when we described Rocket League as the PlayStation 4's killer app in 2014 – long before #ColinWasRight, we simply have to snipe – we could never have imagined how popular it would actually go on to become. Well, here's a reminder that the release is no humble indie these days: it's getting a line of licensed toy cars. We're being...


  • News Over 1 Billion Rocket League Matches Have Been Played

    A load of balls

    Rocket League launched on the PlayStation 4 back in the summer of 2015, and it was an instant hit. The simple but incredibly effective concept quickly caught on with all kinds of players, and the title has confidently surfed its wave of popularity ever since, with developer Psyonix Studios providing regular game updates for good...


  • News Rocket League Scores Custom Training Mode

    Coming in the upcoming Fall update

    Rocket League is truly a game that keeps on giving, and more than a year after its release, Psyonix is still releasing free content in the form of the Custom Training mode. This allows players to create their own training scenarios by choosing the difficulty, map, and whether you want to be a goalie or striker,...


  • News Rocket League Will Probably Score PS4 Pro Support

    OMG! OMG!

    A bit like when Psyonix pooled community interest in the PlayStation 4 release of Rocket League and we posted about how it absolutely had to happen because it would be the best thing since sliced bread, Psyonix now wants to know whether you want a PS4 Pro update for the car-soccer smash. Which, of course, you do, so we're glad that's...

  • News Rocket League Receives New Mode in Gigantic Update

    Let's get ready to Rumble

    We're now well over a year into Rocket League's life, and Psyonix doesn't appear to be slowing down on the post-launch support. The much-loved multiplayer game, still a firm favourite of yours truly, has just received its latest patch, and it's another big one, introducing new items, systems, and even an extra Rocket Labs...


  • News Rocket League's Free New PS4 Mode Is Party Focused

    Rumble in the jungle

    Rocket League's appeal has always been its purity, but with the core mechanics mastered, there's always room for a bit of madness. Rumble, which will be added for free in September, is a brand new mode which will bring a bit of chaos to the core formula in the form of power-ups. These include the ability to freeze the ball,...


  • News Rocket League's PS4-Xbox One Cross-Network Play Is Ready to Go

    But the ball's still in Sony's court

    Oh right, we'd forgotten about this. Those of you with really long memories will recall Microsoft suddenly changing its policy regarding cross-network play a few months back, putting Sony on the spot by suggesting that it wants Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players to play together. We're sure that the current...

  • News Rocket League to Receive Paid Crate System

    Crates will only contain cosmetic items

    After Reddit user TheSgtPunishment uncovered an image from Rocket League's source code suggesting that a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive-style crate system (in which players pay money in exchange for crates containing random items) would be coming to the game at some point, Psyonix's Vice-President Jeremy...


  • News Rocket League's Neo Tokyo Update Is Massive

    GG, Psyonix

    It seems that, to win the favour of gamers these days, ongoing support for your game is just as important as the game you launch. Psyonix knows this, and its post-release content drops and feature-adding patches have kept swathes of players happy since the seminal sports game launched last year. Rocket League's latest patch, version...

  • News Rocket League's Neo Tokyo Arena Says Konnichiwa to PS4

    OMG! OMG! Wow

    The environmental design in Rocket League has always been one of its understated assets, but it looks like its all-new Neo Tokyo arena will take things to the next level. Available for free from 20th June, this sweet looking stage is absolutely bursting with detail, and while there's nothing especially original about a neon-soaked...


  • News Rocket League Hoops Laces Its Hi-Tops in PS4 Patch

    Net it now

    Rocket League Hoops, the free basketball-inspired spin-off mode for Psyonix's future sports smash, is available now for free on the PlayStation 4. You should net the title's latest patch, v1.17, the moment that you boot up your console, which includes access to the new mode and arena. The update also includes support for all of the NBA...

  • News Rocket League Hoops Looks Like Another Slam Dunk

    Find out what all the hoopla's about

    Even games as good as Rocket League require fresh updates to keep their fanbase engaged, and it looks like Psyonix has struck gold yet again with the title's upcoming Hoops patch. The new mode – which basically turns the title into basketball with cars as opposed to football with cars – looks like a simple...

  • News Rocket League Races to Retail This Summer on PS4

    OMG! Nice shot!

    Remember a time before Rocket League? No, us neither. The addictive PlayStation 4 car-meets-soccer sim will take a shot at retail this summer, with 505 Games handling all of the headache-inducing distribution stuff. Imaginatively dubbed the Rocket League: Collector's Edition, the physical release will launch with the title's trio...


  • News Psyonix Teases Basketball Mode for Rocket League

    We're dribbling over this

    Just when you thought that Rocket League couldn't get any better – after getting an Ice Hockey mode as well as the innovative Rocket Labs maps – Psyonix has gone and done it again, teasing a new Rocket League Hoops mode on its Twitter account. The tweet simply shows the above image, as well as the caption: "March...


  • News The, Er, Batmobile's Coming to Rocket League on PS4

    Send a spotlight signal

    When you move 10 million units, you tend to open a lot of doors for yourself. It's perhaps no major surprise that Rocket League will be adding the Batmobile from 8th March on the PlayStation 4. The supercharged vehicle will cost you just $1.99, and will come with three antenna flags – one apiece for Batman, Superman, and...

  • News Rocket League Scores a Retail Release on PS4


    Vehicular soccer sensation Rocket League will boost to retail stores in the near future, developer Psyonix has announced. The news was teased on a Kinda Funny livestream, before being officially announced on the game's Facebook page. The developer said that more details will follow soon, including who it's partnering with and what content...



  • Game of the Year #2 - Rocket League (PS4)

    Wow! Wow! Close one! No problem.

    Psyonix just nailed it. Rocket League was released relatively quietly with PlayStation Plus this summer, it was downloaded and played by millions, and the rest is history. It's a hit with the press, it's a hit with gamers, it's an eSport, it's all over YouTube, and in today's gaming climate, that's a pretty big deal...

  • News Rocket League Rakes in Over $50 Million for Psyonix

    Wow! Nice shot!

    Psyonix will be celebrating Christmas with a three bird roast and those cool crackers that have gags inside them, because Rocket League's success has earned the indie outfit a whopping $50 million since launching in July. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the game only cost around $2 million to make, so the studio's...


  • News Portal Teleports to Rocket League with New Items

    Not a lie

    There's already a plethora of items to unlock in Game of the Year contender Rocket League, but developer Psyonix is still adding content. This time around, it's a bunch of Portal-themed items announced via the studio's Steam Community page, which have later been confirmed for the PlayStation 4 on the game's official subreddit. Nine...

  • News Rocket League's Winter Games Look Puckin' Awesome

    Deck the balls

    Rocket League loves a good seasonal celebration, and this Christmas it'll be feeling the festive spirit. Psyonix has announced on the PlayStation Blog that its Mutator Mashup playlist will soon be replaced by a cool mode named Snow Day, which will bring a chilly twist to the title's usual gameplay. Set to release on 14th December,...

  • News Rocket League Returns with Free PS4 Wasteland Arena

    Mad match

    The gift that keeps giving is about to go a bit Mad Max, as Rocket League is gearing up for the release of its first "non-regulation" arena, Wasteland. This new pitch – which will be free for all players – is bigger than previous stadiums, and features irregular boost placements. It's also sloped around the perimeter, making matches...

  • News Rocket League's Free Match Mutators Change the Game on PS4

    Vault Boy joins the fun, too

    Ever wanted to play Rocket League in slow-motion with a bouncing cube? Well, now you can, as the game's previously promised match mutators are available now as part of a free PlayStation 4 patch. You can mix and match these as you see fit in private or exhibition games, while a new Mutator Mashup option has been added...




  • News Rocket League May Be the Most Enjoyable E-Sport Ever

    OMG! Wow! Nice shot

    E-Sports can be a bit embarrassing, but Rocket League actually makes for an enjoyable spectator experience. This face-off between Cosmic Aftershock and Kings of Urban goes right to the wire, with a last second aerial winner wrapping things up in dramatic fashion. The game definitely needs better director tools, but even with some...

  • News Rocket League's 1.04 PS4 Update Launches Today

    Supersonic Fury DLC comes tomorrow

    Internet darling and Push Square Game of the Month Rocket League will be updated to version v1.04 today by 17:00PM PT (01:00AM BST tomorrow for Brits), the official Rocket League Twitter has announced. This new update will add the new Utopia Coliseum arena, as well as the much-requested Spectator Mode and a new...

  • News PS4's Rocket League to Race onto Other Platforms in the Future

    Victory lap

    Rocket League, the brilliant half-soccer, half-racer sim from Psyonix, is making its way to other platforms, the developer has confirmed. What those platforms will be and when their ports are coming has not yet been announced. "We're definitely looking into other platforms. Absolutely. 100 percent," said Psyonix's vice president of...


  • Soapbox Why Rocket League Is Perfect for Me

    Ryan Oehrli has re-discovered his love of local multiplayer

    I've never been athletic. I was born with hilariously bad eyesight, my coordination is far below average, and, to be frank, I just don't like sports. As a kid, whenever my Dad would drag me out to the back yard to play catch with him, I would protest, because I knew that I wouldn't catch...

  • News Rocket League's Supersonic Fury DLC Adds New Cars and Trophies

    Boosting in this August

    Rocket League is arguably one of the most enjoyable games on the PlayStation 4, so the prospect of an add-on pack has everyone at Push Square Towers practically salivating like a dog that's just won a year's supply of Bonio. And the good news is that the first expansion isn't far away; Supersonic Fury will release in early...

  • News This Is Rocket League's First Free PS4 Map

    And the crowd goes wild

    There are times this month where your humble host has considered quitting his role as Push Square editor and training to become a professional Rocket League player instead. However, getting squashed 8-0 over and over again has put paid to those plans. Still, we're all really big fans of Psyonix's soccer adaptation here in...

  • News Rocket League PS4 Patch Targets Early Next Week Release

    Back of the net

    Rocket League is comfortably one of the best games on the PlayStation 4, but since deploying the madcap multiplayer title earlier in the month, developer Psyonix has been busy beavering away on a patch for the popular soccer adaptation. And fan site Rocket League Garage has been collating all of the details from the studio's...

  • 34


    Review Rocket League


    Rocket League is the most moreish multiplayer game since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Psyonix's vehicular soccer simulation adeptly illustrates the idea that simple concepts can succeed when expertly executed. And while it may have taken an entire generation for the seeds sewn by underrated PlayStation 3 exclusive Supersonic Acrobatic...

  • Guide How to Play Like a Pro in PS4's Rocket League

    Scoring big in Psyonix's superb soccer adaptation

    Rocket League, the vehicular footy favourite from Psyonix, is a pretty straightforward game to pick up and play – but there's an added layer of depth that makes it incredibly competitive. While you'll be able to get to grips with the basics in minutes, it'll take practice if you want to get...



  • News Top the PS4 Rocket League to Earn a Platinum Trophy

    Full list of trinkets revealed

    Rocket League may not look like much on the surface, but its simplistic presentation belies an experience brimming with depth. Even if you weren't part of the title's recent PlayStation 4 beta, you've probably caught a glimpse of some buzz on sites like Push Square or Reddit – and with the title's summer release...

  • News Rocket League Shoots and Scores with New PS4 Beta

    Ball play

    Psyonix's sleeper PlayStation 4 hit Rocket League is back for another blast of beta testing. Running until 19th May, the developer has overhauled the experience a little since last time, incorporating a new four-versus-four playlist, arena, and more. If you've already got the original client installed on your system, then patch it up,...

  • Interview Topping the PS4 Rocket League with Developer Psyonix

    Studio discusses Sony, balance, and seasons

    We're going to say it: we told you so. We were campaigning for a PlayStation 4 port of Rocket League – which was originally announced for the PC – long before developer Psyonix confirmed it just prior to PlayStation Experience last year, and now it's blown up. Reddit is flooded with GIFs from the beta,...

  • News Don't Delete the Rocket League Beta from Your PS4

    More tests in May

    This author has been gabbing on about Rocket League for a little while now, so it's great to see the PlayStation 4 beta hit so hard. Psyonix actually extended the test over the weekend, but even though it's now come to a close, you might want to keep the sampler installed on your system's hard drive. Writing on Twitter, the...



  • News Vehicular Soccer Sim Rocket League Scores a PS4 Port

    Back of the net

    The verbose Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars was a secret PlayStation 3 smash, never necessarily netting the plaudits of the platform’s most popular titles, but quietly cultivating a passionate fanbase all the same. Over six years since its original release, the title is still a favourite among fans, and commands a...


  • News Psyonix Targets the Top of the Rocket League

    Rocket power

    What is better than football, we hear you cry? Well, football with rocket-powered cars, of course. That's the basic premise of the fast-paced, action sports game Rocket League, currently ambiguously announced for "consoles" in Spring 2015. Coming a little while after the launch of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars,...


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