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  • News Action Arcade Wrestling Grapples with PS4 from 10th August

    Stone cold stunner

    If you’ve been playing WWE 2K Battlegrounds, which is free this month with PS Plus, then accept our commiserations. Wrestling games have been in a bad place for several years now, and this tongue-in-cheek trailer for the upcoming Action Arcade Wrestling can’t help making a point of that. “He was created for one purpose,”...

  • Review Move or Die - Quick Fire Multiplayer Madness


    As with many successful indie titles that come to PlayStation 4, Move or Die started life as a popular PC game when it launched a few years back. It's very much in the same wheelhouse as other chaotic multiplayer titles like Speedrunners, Gang Beasts, and Nidhogg, though it manages to set itself apart with an interesting spin on 2D...

  • News Chaotic Party Game Move or Die Finally Makes the Move to PS4 in March

    How to lose friends

    Quick-fire multiplayer games are pretty common these days, and amid all the rage-inducing successes and failures, they can be a lot of fun. The likes of TowerFall Ascension, Ultimate Chicken Horse, and Nidhogg thrive on things getting heated between you and your pals, and so too does Move or Die, which is coming to PS4 after...

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    Review Aaero

    On the right light track

    Rhythm is your weapon in Aaero, a new high-speed fusion of music, light track running, and weapon combat that blazes across the PlayStation 4 in an attempt to reignite the music game genre. Created by independent two-man studio Mad Fellows, Aaero synthesises frantic sci-fi shooting action with solid rhythm game dynamics,...