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  • News Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human Heading to PC

    Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls also lined up for Epic Games Store

    Humanity has a price, and Epic Games is willing to pay it. Quantic Dream’s trilogy of ex-PlayStation exclusives are coming to the PC, which means that Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human will no longer be tethered solely to Sony’s systems. Controversially, the...









  • News Fahrenheit's PS4 Trophies May Raise Your Temperature


    PlayStation 2 classic Fahrenheit – known as Indigo Prophecy in North America – was supposed to be out on the PlayStation 4 by now, but it hit a last-minute hitch. Fortunately, the Quantic Dream developed narrative-driven adventure doesn't appear to be too far away, as its Trophies have appeared online. You'll be fighting the Millennium...







  • News Shuhei Yoshida's Still Super Excited for Quantic Dream's Next Game

    Looking beyond, er, Beyond

    Beyond: Two Souls divided critics perhaps harder than any game before it earlier this afternoon. While we certainly fell on the more positive side of the fence, scores ranged from poor right through to exceptional. Given the divisive nature of David Cage’s games, it was always inevitable – but Worldwide Studios...

  • Live Walk the Red Carpet with the Cast of Beyond: Two Souls


    Glitzy premieres are typically the domain of celebrities and dudes dressed in tuxedos, but we’ve got permission to give you a front-row seat to today’s Beyond: Two Souls event in Paris. Taking place at the Rex Cinema in the capital, the show will begin with a 30 minute screening of gameplay footage, followed by a panel with...







  • News Delve Behind the Scenes of Quantic Dream's Beyond

    "Can we do that again?"

    If you’re eager to know a little bit more about the process of creating a game like Quantic Dream’s upcoming Beyond, then this behind the scenes video should give you a deeper understanding of how things work. It looks like a vast majority of the time is spent perfectly attaching tiny silver balls to each actor’s face,...

  • News No, Willem Dafoe Is Not Starring in Beyond

    Chinese whispers

    Despite rumours to the contrary, Hollywood heavyweight Willem Dafoe will not star in Quantic Dream’s upcoming Beyond. Cornered by Joystiq after a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con overnight, director David Cage denied the actor’s involvement with a swift shake of the head. One person who is definitely linked with the project,




  • News Cage: Open-World Games Can Look As Good As Kara


    Quantic Dream’s recent Kara tech demonstration was seriously impressive, but many sceptics criticised that the visuals only looked so good because of the confined nature of the environment it was set in. That’s not true according to gaffer David Cage, who claims that the visual fidelity of the demo could be maintained on a much...


  • News Find Out How Kara Came to Life

    Behind the scenes

    There’s no doubt that Quantic Dream’s Kara tech demonstration was one of the most interesting reveals at this year’s GDC. Designed to plot the progression of the French studio's performance capture technology, the short movie detailed the transformation of an android named Kara from cyborg to emotional human. It’s...

  • News Quantic Dream "Open" to Going First-Party

    Snap 'em up, Shuhei

    Sony’s Worldwide Studios portfolio has grown significantly this generation with the addition of studios such as Sucker Punch and Media Molecule, but we get the impression that the platform holder’s always looking to expand. Top of our wish list for new acquisitions would be Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream, and surprisingly...

  • News David Cage Discusses the Development of Kara

    The genius is back

    If you haven’t seen Quantic Dream’s Kara technology demonstration yet, drop everything you’re doing and watch it. While the footage is not indicative of the Heavy Rain developer’s next project, it showcases the kind of technology leaps we can expect when the title is eventually announced. To complement yesterday's reveal,...

  • News Quantic Dream Debuts Incredible Kara Technology

    Tear jerker

    As promised yesterday, Quantic Dream has raised the curtain on its new engine technology, codenamed Kara. In an incredible short – similar to 2006’s The Casting demo – Quantic Dream introduces a cyborg named Kara, who’s assembled and checked before being taken apart due to showing unusual, emotional behaviour. Kara’s forced to...

  • News Quantic Dream to Showcase New Tech Demo Tonight


    Quantic Dream will give us the first glimpse of its next game on Eurogamer.net tonight. Studio co-founder David Cage will debut a brand new tech demo as part of an hour long session at GDC this evening, but Eurogamer.net will follow immediately with the footage in addition to insight from Cage himself. Set your alarm clocks to 22:30PM GMT if...



  • News Heavy Rain Was Completed By 74% Of Players

    Heavy Rain remains one of our favourite PlayStation 3 games to date

    Quantic Dream's moody adventure might not have got everything right, but it deserved its plaudits for trying. And according to statistics released by an IGN infographic, the game got its just deserves. The thriller was completed by a whopping 74% of players, which we're guessing is a much higher number than most other games..




  • News Edited Heavy Rain To Get European Re-Release

    European ratings board PEGI has published an evaluation for Heavy Rain Edition Modifiee, a supposedly toned down version of Quantic Dream's crime-drama epic

    The original game carried a PEGI 18 rating, but Edition Modifiee has been awarded a PEGI 16 score. It's unknown what content has been cut, but the PEGI rating mentions an August 3rd release date for the re-rated game  — meaning it's probably..

  • News Evidence Of David Cage's Next Endeavour Surface

    Quantic Dream's working on a title called Infraworld

    At least that's the implication of a new trademark filed by SCEE and picked up by video game super-sleuth Superannuation. The trademark was filed by SCEE in the US on May 17th and pertains to the name Infraworld, a project Quantic Dream has long been associated with. The title was believed to be cancelled in 2006, but appears to have been..






  • Out Today Heavy Rain: Move Edition

    Get wet, go wild

    Heavy Rain received its Move patch last week, but those of you who missed out on the update can now pick up the Heavy Rain: Move Edition on Blu-ray disc across Europe. With an RRP of £29.99/€39.99, the disc doesn't just add support for Move (though it can be played with DualShock 3 too). Gamers can also experience the Taxidermist...

  • News PlayStation Blog Hosts a Pair of Move Developer Videos

    Heavy Rain and Killzone 3 detailed

    Sony's official PlayStation blogs for Europe and North America are treasure troves of information: not just run by community managers, they also include posts from developers and staff from other publishers, giving a unique look into PlayStation games from all corners of the development world. This week's updates...