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  • News This Rumoured EU February PS Plus Lineup Looks Scarily Good

    Too good to be true?

    European PlayStation Plus subscribers could be in for a real treat, if a leaked list of Instant Game Collection titles posted on GamePointsNow is to be believed. PlayStation 4 owners would be insane to miss out on Red Barrels Games' asylum-based survival horror title Outlast, while those among you who have held onto your dear...

  • News 4J Studios Aiming to Extract 'Nasty' Minecraft: PS3 Edition Bugs

    Digging deeper

    Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition may have dug a tunnel straight to the top of the PlayStation Network charts, but it hasn’t all been easy excavating for the hotly anticipated re-release. Not long after the title received its first patch in late December, budding burrowers reported issues regarding soiled save files – and it

  • News Spider-Man 2 Developer's Energy Hook Latches onto PS4 and Vita

    Swing low sweet chariot

    The great gaming gods often dictate that licensed titles must suck, but they benevolently made an exception with the amazing Spider-Man 2 on the PlayStation 2. Published by Activision in order to tie-in with the Tobey Maguire movie, the sandbox swing-‘em-up was a real breath of fresh air, allowing you to explore Manhattan...

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    Review Aabs Animals

    Avoid eye contact at all costs

    Do you like cute things, specifically animals? Do you like to stare at said animals without interacting with them in any way? Are you a fan of music that sounds like a compilation of the happiest melodies ever conceived by man? If your answer is 'Yes' to each of these questions, then congratulations: Aabs Animals is...

  • News Ace Arcade Skating Sim OlliOlli Rolls onto Vita This Month

    Tiny hawk

    If your PlayStation Vita’s feeling the clout of the New Year drought, then salvation is at hand – and it doesn’t come in a Red Bull branded can. British indie developer Roll7 has confirmed that its outrageously addictive skateboarding smash OlliOlli is set to faceplant onto Sony’s flagship handheld format later this month...

  • News New Screens of Assassin's Creed Liberation HD Blow the Original's Visuals Out of the Water

    Aveline de Grandpré looks better than ever

    Assassin's Creed III: Liberation for the PlayStation Vita was by no means an unimpressive attempt at transferring the gorgeous graphics of the franchise to the handheld market. However, three new photos comparing its visuals to the upcoming Assassin's Creed Liberation HD make you second-guess the...

  • Store Update 8th January 2014 (Europe)

    Eat it up

    A lot like its North American counterpart, the first European PlayStation Store update of the year is predictably light. Notable additions include Klei Entertainment’s survival simulator Don’t Starve and a slew of bundles featuring a wide variety of PlayStation 2 Classics published by Rockstar Games. What are you buying? Let us know in...

  • News VVVVVV Will Turn Your PS Vita Upside Down This Year

    VVVVVVery good news

    Terry Cavanagh has re-confirmed that his topsy-turvy indie smash VVVVVV will flip gravity on the PlayStation Vita at some point this year. The critically acclaimed extraterrestrial affair was announced for Sony’s system way back in September, but had fallen off the radar by the end of December. However, in a meaty blog post,...

  • Store Update 7th January 2014 (North America)

    We hope that you're not too hungry

    It’s the first North American PlayStation Store update of the year, and Sony has decided to have mercy upon our sanity. While the pre-Christmas refreshes proved a nightmare to format, this particular offering is petite enough to not waste our entire day. Highlights include Don’t Starve on the PlayStation 4...

  • News Sneaky Sony's Been Testing PlayStation Now in Journey

    Don't stop believin'

    Have you braved your way to the top of Journey’s beautiful mountain recently? If so, there’s a good chance that you may have encountered another intrepid adventurer playing the thatgamecompany exclusive via Sony’s just announced cloud streaming service PlayStation Now. That's because the platform holder has revealed that...

  • Game of the Month December 2013 - Gran Turismo 6

    That's just gran-d

    For a month consisting of only a couple of big-name releases, we were certainly busy in December. Here at Push Square, we reviewed a rather staggering 32 games in all, but as always, only one can walk away with our prestigious Game of the Month accolade. So which title was awarded a stocking full of festive treats? Why, it was...

  • News Klei Entertainment Is Thinking About a Vita Port of Don't Starve

    Never stop klei-ing

    Are you starved for good PlayStation Vita games? Well, Klei Entertainment, the crafty Canadians behind Shank and Mark of the Ninja, have you covered. Or rather, it might have you covered. When asked by an eager fan on Twitter if survival sim Don't Starve

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    Review Robot Rescue Revolution

    Rust bucket

    Robot Rescue Revolution is a strategy puzzle game for the PlayStation 3, which tasks you with guiding multiple robots to a goal while navigating treacherous terrain. Available for a relatively slender figure from the PlayStation Store, the title includes three worlds to explore and over 100 levels to complete. The core gameplay involves...

  • News Can't Connect to PSN? Blame Hacker Group DERP

    It was an accident, by the way

    Batten down the hatches, stock up on essentials, and assume the foetal position – the PlayStation Network is experiencing problems again, and that means that it's time to panic. In all seriousness, though, if you've been encountering trouble with the online service, you've absolutely no need to fret, as the issues...

  • News Wait, Why Is The Last Guardian Listed on the PlayStation Store?

    A right fowl-up

    It seems like Sony couldn’t wait more than a few hours to share some new information on Team ICO’s oft-delayed The Last Guardian. As spotted by reader Belmont, the long overdue PlayStation 3 exclusive can be found on the

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    Review Tiny Brains

    Tiny brains, big character

    Science: it’s a wonderful thing. Without science, we’d still be muddling through the dark ages, in a world without Facebook and instant soup. Of course, before such manmade wonders can exist, they need to be tested – and what better way is there to trial such innovations than by exploiting poor animals? Don’t call...

  • News Gran Turismo 5's Online Mode Parking Up in May 2014

    Resistance trilogy also being taken offline

    It looks like Sony is especially eager for you to upgrade to Gran Turismo 6. In a sneaky seasonal update, the platform holder has revealed that Gran Turismo 5’s online component will be written off on 20th May 2014. That means that you’ve got around six months left to stomach the simulation racer’s...

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    Review Mutant Mudds Deluxe

    Don't jump over this one

    Twenty years ago, we never would have guessed that today’s generation of consoles would embrace 8-bit side-scrolling platformers. With the release of titles like Terraria, however, this trend does not show any signs of slowing. As these games continue to grow in popularity, developers such as Renegade Kid are fusing the...

  • News Your Wallet Will Be Lighter Once You're Done with This Huge EU PSN Sale

    It's full of stars

    We take back everything that we said about Sony’s shoddy sales, as the platform holder’s January promotion is absolutely packed to the figurative brim with noteworthy offers and discounts. Starting today and set to run throughout January, the discounts span various PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation Portable...

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    Review Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition

    Block party

    After what feels like a century since the phenomenon that is Minecraft first appeared on the PC, Mojang's block-'em-up has finally dug its way onto the PlayStation 3 courtesy of 4J Studios. Its basic visual style hides a brilliantly deep, yet relatively accessible adventure that's topped off with some thoughtful little RPG elements...

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    Review Zen Pinball 2

    Zen out of ten?

    One of two pinball titles flipping onto the PlayStation 4 prior to Christmas is Zen Pinball 2, a game that previously graced both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. This next-gen version provides gamers with a chance to battle friends and strangers for the highest score on a range of tailor made tables, a number of which bear...

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    Review Terraria

    Landheld gaming

    Back when Terraria launched on the PlayStation 3, we praised its diverse collection of content and its overall depth, but felt that the title's awkward user interface and time consuming gameplay held it back from greatness in our review. On Sony's handheld, however, the game makes use of the system's touch screen – but is the new...

  • News Sony Ends European Christmas Sale with a Real Cracker

    The Last of Us and Persona 4 Golden form your final stocking fillers

    It’s been a tepid sale at best, but Sony’s long-running ’12 Deals of Christmas’ promotion in Europe is set to finish with a flourish. The platform holder has prepared two cracking deals to get you in the seasonal spirit, bringing the price of The Last of Us

  • News Christmas Comes Early in North American PSN Flash Sale

    Cut down to size

    Sony must have read our Talking Point about the less than stellar savings on the PlayStation Network, because it’s kicked off the holidays with a pretty solid festive Flash Sale. Granted, this doesn’t ever touch the outrageous prices of a Steam sell-a-thon, but a couple of the cuts are not to be trifled with. We suppose that...

  • News Mercenary Kings Won't Be Targeting the PS4 Until Early Next Year

    It won't be home for Christmas

    Another day, another vague 2014 release date. Indie shooter Mercenary Kings was originally planned to launch sometime in November this year, but developer Tribute Games recently announced that the title has been delayed, and is now pencilled in for

  • Rumour Guacamelee Wrestling onto the PS4 in Spring 2014

    Drink it up

    According to a recent IGN article, PlayStation Network brawler Guacamelee will be coming to the PlayStation 4 sometime in Spring 2014. The report, which has since been removed, revealed that the re-release will feature two new worlds, improved visuals, and added particle effects. Most exciting of all, though, is the addition of a new...

  • Talking Point Should Sony Mirror Steam's Discount Strategy for PSN?

    Door busters

    Sales can actually be a pretty cunning strategy. Supermarkets are particularly good at them, lowering the cost of sought after goods in order to obtain publicity and drive foot traffic through their stores. It only takes one heavily discounted item to coerce thrifty shoppers into a cash splashing frenzy, and that allows retailers to...

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    Review Rust Buccaneers

    Be a Fisherman’s Friend

    Life on the high seas is tough. Forget about the maggot-infested biscuits and longing glances from your salty old sea mates who want to re-enact some of the scenes from the Titanic with your supple young body, as you have worse things to worry about. There be danger off the starboard bow, Jim lad – and it’s coming right...

  • News Joe Danger Crosses the Canyon to PS Vita in 2014

    Dare to dream

    British indie outfit Hello Games may be busy blowing minds with next-generation explore-‘em-up No Man’s Sky, but that doesn’t mean that it’s forgotten about the PlayStation Vita versions of Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie. Fortunately, they’re still both actively in development at the brilliantly named Four Doo

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    Review Indoor Sports World

    Six pack

    There isn’t a platform on the planet without some form of pub pastime compilation. Simulating the excitement of otherwise social sports such as snooker, pool, and darts has been a fascination among game developers since programming boffins realised that computers could be employed for more entertaining applications than solving the seven...

  • Store Update 18th December 2013 (Europe)

    Stretch that wallet a little wider

    As with its North American counterpart, the last official PlayStation Store update before Christmas is absolutely bursting with content. Highlights include The Walking Dead: Season Two (yes, it’s not delayed), Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition, and two new pinball games for your PlayStation 4. What do you intend...

  • News The Smithsonian Museum Has Added Flower to Its Permanent Collection

    Where it belongs

    There are few experiences as relaxing and moving as thatgamecompany's Flower. It tells an enchanting tale of the over-industrialisation of modern society while also providing one of the most compelling arguments for SIXAXIS controls. With that in mind, we're happy to report that the respite-sim will be joining first-person shooter...

  • Store Update 17th December 2013 (North America)

    Season of digital goods

    Christmas has come early on the North American PlayStation Store this week. Indeed, there are so many highlights that we don’t really know where to start. We suppose that the release of Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition takes top billing, but the first episode of The Walking Dead: Season 2 and the PlayStation 4 port of The...

  • News Test Your Dexterity with Mutant Mudds Deluxe on PS3 and Vita

    Mudd fight

    Renegade Kid's extremely popular ’12-bit’ platformer Mutant Mudds Deluxe is set to make its PlayStation debut in North America today. The game – which originally launched on the Nintendo 3DS and has expanded to various other platforms over the past year or so – is a throwback platformer that sees you hopping between layers in...

  • News The Walking Dead: Season Two Premieres on PS3 Today

    Our stomach's not ready

    Not content with the cavalcade of content launching on the PlayStation Store this week? Good, because we're about to bust your wallet with another humdinger: The Walking Dead: Season Two. The hotly anticipated follow-up to Telltale Games’ award-winning series will shuffle onto the PlayStation 3 later today in North...

  • News Sony Still 'Working Hard' on the LittleBigPlanet HUB


    Sony has not abandoned the LittleBigPlanet HUB. The platform holder has been crafting the free-to-play creation tool for some time, but it hasn’t really said an enormous amount about it since its announcement at GamesCom earlier in the year. However, community co-ordinator Steven Isbell has confirmed that the company’s still...

  • News What's Improved in The Pinball Arcade on PlayStation 4?

    Big shot

    If the brilliant Resogun has failed to scratch your leaderboard itch on the PlayStation 4, then the next generation port of Farsight Studios’ uber-realistic The Pinball Arcade should fill a void. Set to launch onto the PlayStation 4 later today in North America and tomorrow in Europe, the title promises 20 tables of stellar steel ball...

  • News You'll Need to Grab Your Cape for LittleBigPlanet 2's Comic Book Crossover

    Holy add-on, Sackman

    LittleBigPlanet 2 is almost three years old now, but that’s not stopping Sony from continuing to support the do-it-yourself game making platform with plenty of expansion packs. The latest add-on is a real humdinger, too, fusing the serenity of the Omniverse with the dastardly exploits of the DC Universe. In addition to a bunch...

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    Review Eufloria HD

    Seedy business

    Eufloria HD is quite possibly the most serene real-time strategy game that we've ever played, which seems like a strange thing to say given that the genre typically sees you taking control of armies during tense battles. You'll still be guiding forces and crushing your enemies here, but the title's natural, calm aesthetic makes it a...

  • News Minecraft Finds Refuge on the PS3 Prior to Christmas

    Don't be a square

    Release date surprises are rare in the games industry these days, but this is a genuine shocker: Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition is launching on the PlayStation Network this week. Mojang’s indie smash hit has already sold over 30 million copies across various other platforms, and is set to add another line of zeroes to its...

  • News Hackers Target Systems Such As PS4 Around 34,000 Times a Day

    Hosing down the firewall

    People were particularly hostile towards Sony during the dark days of the PlayStation Network hack a couple of years ago – but a new report from cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab has outlined just how much strain the platform holder’s constantly under. According to Consumer Affairs, the manufacturer – alongside...

  • News Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Being Launched Off the PSN Store

    Marvel vs. Capcom 2 taking a fist to the face, too

    It seems that Capcom has been unable to break the mounting combo of comic book character licensing fees. As part of a pretty nonchalant blog post, the Japanese publisher has revealed that both Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 will be leaving the PlaySt

  • News You Don't Have As Many PSN Trophies As This Guy

    Hakoom hits Level 100

    Trophies are a curious part of the PlayStation experience. As much as we enjoy the thrill of unlocking a brand new trinket, they can sometimes feel a little bit like hard work. One person who’s transformed the grind into a day job is Hakoom, the world’s leading pursuer of small PNG pictures. And he’s just hit another...

  • News Amazon UK Cracks the Code With Its Own Version of the PlayStation Store

    It's a jungle out there

    You may recall a few weeks ago when online retailer Amazon launched its own version of the PlayStation Store. Well it seems that Amazon UK has followed suit, with the European site now open for business.

  • Store Update 11th December 2013 (Europe)

    Bots and brains

    If you’ve already exhausted the PlayStation 4’s launch lineup, then this week’s European PlayStation Store update will come as a bit of a relief, as it includes two new titles for you to try. In addition to cross-buy exploration exclusive Doki-Doki Universe, the refresh also includes co-operative puzzle-‘em-up Tiny Brains...

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    Review A-Men 2

    Pray before playing

    The A-Men have returned to challenge your deductive skills in another set of devilishly difficult combat scenarios. The rouge robot army that you accidentally unleashed in the original title is still at large, and it’s up to you and your squad of specialists to eradicate them – or perhaps just skirt around them as you get to...

  • Store Update 10th December 2013 (North America)

    Seasonal cyborg

    ToeJam & Earl creator Greg Johnson’s bonkers intergalactic excursion Doki-Doki Universe takes centre stage on the North American PlayStation Store this week. The curious cross-buy title sees you exploring weird and wonderful planets, where you’ll need to complete various personality tests in order to progress. Pretty weird,...

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    Review Putty Squad

    Killer Carrots and Crazy Cats

    Back in the nineties, the eventually unreleased Amiga version of Putty Squad was praised by the press for its varied level shapes, consistent game logic, and “masterful” animation. Jump forward 15 years, and we no longer get excited by shapes (unless they’re naughty shapes and you’re a member of Reddit), or game...

  • Feature For the Buyers - Push Square's PlayStation Christmas Shopping Guide

    Gift ideas for the gamer in your life

    The awful celebrity autobiographies filling every square inch of advertising space and tinny, outdated tunes on the radio can only mean one thing: Christmas is coming. It’s now just over two weeks until the big day, and you’re no doubt panicking over the fact that you haven’t picked up any presents yet...

  • News PSN Maintenance Extended an Extra Couple of Hours

    You could always take up stamp collecting

    No, the PlayStation Network has not been hacked again – Sony’s just taking its sweet time with its latest period of scheduled maintenance. As reported earlier, the platform holder had planned to perform some construction work on the online service between 09:00AM PST and 14:00PM PST – but it will now...