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  • News PlayStation Now January Update Adds Prey, Metro 2033 Redux, More

    Streamable games library expanded

    Last year saw Sony make a dramatic change to its game streaming service, PlayStation Now, allowing subscribers to download PS2 and PS4 titles direct to their consoles. While PS3 games don't benefit from this, nearly all other games on the service can be both streamed or downloaded, and more titles are being added...


  • News PS Now Subscriptions Discounted for the Holidays

    As you'd expect

    In a rather smart (if obvious) move, Sony is discounting PS Now subscriptions in time for the holidays. The 12 month option is being dropped from $99 to $79, the three month option is down from $44.99 to $29.99, and brand new subscribers can grab one month for $9.99. These discounts will be live until the 8th January. Right now this...

  • News PS Now December Update Adds a Whopping 50 PS4 Games

    Christmas has come early

    Sony's adding 50 new games to PlayStation Now for the subscription service's big December update. As the PlayStation Blog points out, For Honor is a highlight, and it arrives alongside a bunch of other PlayStation 4 titles. It's worth reiterating that thanks to the addition of game downloads -- which were introduced back in...



  • News Forced PlayStation Now Ad Causes a Stir on PS4

    Now, now

    It would appear that Sony's forced an ad for its streaming PlayStation Now service onto PlayStation 4 home menus. Upon booting up your console, you may find the advert just sitting there on your system's main hub, exclaiming that it's a free trial. Of course, this isn't the first time that ads have appeared in this way. Late last...

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