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  • Feature PlayStation Now Review - The State of Cloud Gaming in 2016

    Stream machine

    PlayStation Now has been a fixture in the Sony furniture for some time now, and that's left it a little misunderstood. In absence of true backward compatibility on the PlayStation 4, many see it as a solution for PlayStation 3 gameplay on the Japanese giant's new-gen machine. But, as its recent release on the PC testifies, the...

  • Hands On Does PlayStation Now Stream Successfully to PC?

    Power of the cloud

    PlayStation Now's been misinterpreted by many. The cloud-streaming solution – often incorrectly labelled as Sony's answer to backward compatibility – is clearly an initiative in its infancy; the service that's available today represents the building blocks of a much bigger ambition, where PlayStation hardware is replaced by an...

  • News PlayStation Now Streams Sony Exclusives to PC from Tomorrow

    Bandwidth caps be damned

    As rumoured recently, streaming service PlayStation Now is coming to the PC starting tomorrow in the UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands, with more regions to follow imminently, including the US. The client will allow you to stream a growing catalogue of PlayStation 3 games to an Internet-connected computer, with more than 300...

  • News Sony's Releasing a DualShock 4 USB Wireless Adaptor for Your PC, Mac


    Are you a big fan of the DualShock 4 controller? Do you enjoy using the device with your PC and Mac? Then here's some pretty good news: Sony's releasing a wireless USB adaptor for the controller in Europe and North America, starting 15th September in the Old World and "early September" in the United States. The accessory will support...

  • News PlayStation Now May Start Streaming to PC Soon

    The future is Now

    Rumour has it that PlayStation Now, the streaming service which allows you to play PlayStation 3 games in a Netflix-esque on-demand fashion, will roll out on the PC from 23rd August. The service is already available on the PlayStation 4 and Vita, and has launched on select Samsung and Sony televisions, but if true, this would mark...

  • News Sony Submits Paperwork for USB Dongle

    Slow news day

    The news has well and truly dried up in the wake of E3 2016 – just look at the headline to this article for proof. Yes, it's true: Sony has submitted a filing to the Federal Communications Commission for a USB dongle. The proposed product was submitted by the PlayStation division, but it's unclear what it actually does. Kill us now...

  • Guide How to Use PS4 Remote Play on Your PC, Mac

    Never stop playing

    Remote Play, the nifty PlayStation 4 feature that allows you to stream your games wherever you go, has now been extended to the PC and Mac. This means that, in addition to the PlayStation Vita, you'll be able to play all of your games on a laptop or a MacBook – as long as you have a DualShock 4 controller and a USB charging...

  • News Sony's Helping Everybody's Gone to the Rapture Saunter Slowly to PC

    Brave new world

    Much like fellow indie Helldivers, Sony will be handling the PC release of Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, which has been rumoured for an eternity, and has finally been officially confirmed. The eerie Shropshire set walking sim – which was one of our Game of the Year picks in 2015 – will launch on Steam in the near future,...

  • News PS4 Remote Play Will Stream to PC in the Future

    What a load of Macintosh

    You may have read recently about an unofficial application which promised to enable PlayStation 4 Remote Play functionality on computers. Well, the people that have been building that must be feeling pretty darn rotten this morning, as Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that Sony's working on an...

  • News Blimey, Sony's Publishing Helldivers on the PC

    Hell freezes over

    Well, this is potentially huge news: Sony's bringing Helldivers to the PC. The game, which launched as a PlayStation exclusive earlier in the year, will be published by a company called PlayStation Mobile, Inc on the popular plaza. This is a division within SCE that has handled various smartphone spin-offs in the past, too. This...

  • Reaction Why Sony Online Entertainment's Sale Makes Sense for Everyone


    Sony Online Entertainment is no more. As part of a shock announcement yesterday, the MMO developer confirmed that it had been acquired by a New York investment group named Columbus Nova, and would be rebranding itself as the Adrian Chiles-inspired Daybreak Game Company. This obviously came a

  • Guide How to Stream 1080p Videos from Your PC to the PS4

    Movie media server

    Despite the promise of future support from platform holder Sony, the PlayStation 4 is currently very poor when it comes to local media playback. While it includes compatibility with key applications such as Netflix and the BBC iPlayer, it’s currently impossible to play videos, listen to music, or even view photos from your local...

  • News Activision Won't Make a Crash Bandicoot Game, So This Fan One Will Have to Do

    Total Twinsanity

    If the rampant speculation that Sony had reacquired the dormant Crash Bandicoot franchise earlier in the year got your hopes up, then we can only apologise. For a split-second, the stars seemed to align, and we genuinely believed that the mascot had come home. Then, of course, Activi

  • News Good News, the DualShock 4 Will Work with Windows

    Well, sort of

    Those of you that prefer traditional analogue sticks over touchpad things may be excited to learn that the DualShock 4 will be compatible with Windows PCs out of the box. As always, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida confirmed the snippet on Twitter, noting that the peripheral will work fine for “basic functions”...

  • News Dust 514 to Premiere on PlayStation 3 with Sharp Shooter Support

    All about EVE

    Last night's E3 extravaganza was full of Move news, but one game that immediately stands out is Dust 514, a new shooter that links to the world of PC MMO EVE Online. The Move-enabled shooter connects to the persistent universe of EVE Online, with the actions of PS3 players affecting the game's notoriously expansive economy, political...

  • News Move.Me Will Bring Move Development to the Masses

    New project announced

    You may remember a January rumour that we could see fan-made Move games come to PC. It's no longer just a rumour though, as Sony has announced Move.Me, a software suite coming to PS3 and PC later this year. John McCutchan explains the system more meaningfully than we could try, so it's over to him to explain what Move.Me does:...

  • News Move Creator Keen to Open Controller Up to PC Coders

    On your Marks

    We reported recently that we could see an update to allow PlayStation Move to work on PC, and it seems the driving force behind such an update could be none other than Dr Richard Marks, the controller's creator. Speaking to Ars Technica, Dr Marks mentioned his desire to open the controller to a wider range of creative folks: For a...

  • News Move Can be a Bridge Between PC Gamers and DualShock Lovers

    Controller is mouse and keyboard-friendly

    We already know that DualShock players best Move users when it comes to Killzone 3, mostly due to the unfamiliarity of the Move technology compared to the well-worn DualShock controllers we've all been using for the best part of fifteen years. One part of the gaming population may find the adjustment easier...