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  • Out Today Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves (Global)

    Case clothed

    PlayStation Plus subscribers have had Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves for a week now, but now all PlayStation Network members can get their hands on Sackboy's latest adventure. Costing $5.99/£4.79, the game is a co-operative only title where one player handles the DualShock 3 while the other joins in with the Move controller. It's worth a...

  • Out Today Tuesday November 9th 2010 (North America)

    A string of titles to delve into today

    Whether you're into singing, dancing, fighting or stealthing, there should be something to tickle your fancy this week as a trio of Move-enabled titles land on North American shores. Of course, we'll bring you full and honest reviews of these games shortly. Will you be picking any of these titles up? The Fight:...

  • Out Today Friday October 29th 2010 (Europe)

    Four titles inbound for Movers

    Today is one of the biggest release days of the calendar across all formats, so it's no surprise that PlayStation Move is also receiving a bumper crop of titles, with a stack of motion controlled games making their way to retailers across Europe. Televisual party game TV Superstars arrives alongside televisual shooting...

  • Out Now Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz (Europe)

    Move to the beat

    Melodic masterminds can try their arm at Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz, released across Europe this past Wednesday, with UK shops starting to sell it this weekend. We set a crafty music quiz of our own the other day but so far nobody has been able to crack the devilish teaser. Here it is again, but be warned: if you're not up to the...

  • Out Today The Shoot (North America)

    Casual shooting fun for everyone

    You may have already screen tested The Shoot in the form of the free demo available on the PlayStation Move Starter Disc. If you thought it was good enough for a callback, good news: it's out in North America today. If you're after bringing a little more plastic to your experience, you might want to pick up one of...

  • Out Today Time Crisis: Razing Storm (North America)

    Double barrel delights today

    If The Shoot is a little casual for your tastes, you can still satiate your lust for shooting things with Namco's Time Crisis: Razing Storm, also out across North America today. As well as a series-first Online Battle Mode for up to eight players, there's extra bonuses in the form of included games Deadstorm Pirates and...

  • Out Today John Daly's ProStroke Golf (Europe)

    Get ready to grip it and rip it

    The blond-haired Lion is about to show the Tiger how it's done in the golfing department, with John Daly's ProStroke Golf driving its way to shops across Europe today. Unlike some critics we actually rather enjoyed Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, so we'll have to wait and see how John's swing measures up. We'll let you know...

  • Out Today TV Superstars (North America)

    Televisual party game incoming

    You might have dabbled in a spot of TV Superstars in the demo available on the Starter Disc or PlayStation Network, and if you liked what you played then starting today you can pick the game up in stores across North America. Featuring a range of minigames all based on fictitious reality TV shows, the idea is to do...

  • Out Today NBA 2K11

    Ball your eyes out

    If you've always fancied yourself as a bit of a basketball wizard, the first incarnation of the sport to use PlayStation Move is out this week. NBA 2K11 is out in Europe today having already been released in North America this past Tuesday, and is the first basketball game in donkey's years to let gamers play as iconic baller...

  • Out Today Heavy Rain: Move Edition

    Get wet, go wild

    Heavy Rain received its Move patch last week, but those of you who missed out on the update can now pick up the Heavy Rain: Move Edition on Blu-ray disc across Europe. With an RRP of £29.99/€39.99, the disc doesn't just add support for Move (though it can be played with DualShock 3 too). Gamers can also experience the Taxidermist...

  • News John Daly's Blog Bigs Up John Daly's Game

    Who'd have thought?

    Amazing trousers and stunning photographs can only speak so much about golf games. Sometimes you need the man whose name is on the box to tell you about it, which is where the titular titan John Daly, of John Daly's ProStroke Golf comes in. In a post over at the