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  • News Sony Executive Teases Incoming PlayStation 4 Announcement

    Brace yourself

    We all know that the PlayStation 4 is almost certainly on its way – it’s just a matter of when at this stage. Well, chatting with Chilean news website El Mercurio Online (great name, by the way), Sony’s vice president of home entertainment Hiroshi Sakamoto has hinted that a reveal could come as soon as May. That’s in less than...

  • News Is There a New Fallout Sequel on the Horizon?

    We certainly hope so

    Sometimes it can be tough to keep your mouth shut. Projects leak all of the time thanks to loose lips – it’s what keeps our job interesting. But you’ve got to give credit to Fallout 3 voice actor Erik Todd Dellums: at least he checked first. Posting on Twitter late last night, the voiceover artist – best known for his...

  • Talking Point Does the PS4 Need 4K Resolution?

    A question of perspective

    As expected, Sony’s CES press conference focused heavily on 4K resolution. Like 3D before it, the manufacturer spent the majority of its showcase demonstrating a new line of Bravia televisions that will attempt to drive the standardisation of the burgeoning format. The company also touched upon re-mastered Blu-rays, video...

  • News Sony Bets the Bank on 4K Technology at CES

    Through the looking glass

    No, the PlayStation 4 was not announced during Sony’s widely publicised CES press conference in Las Vegas last night. But while the manufacturer failed to mention its range of PlayStation platforms in any meaningful capacity, it still offered a hint at what we can expect from its next console – and that’s 4K...

  • Talking Point Why the PlayStation 4 Won't Block Used Games

    Keep calm and carry on

    Sony likes to patent a lot of things. The manufacturer is so trigger-happy with its technology registrations that we could probably dedicate the entirety of our editorial output to the innumerable crazy ideas that the company has. The reason that we don’t is because ideas aren’t nearly as interesting as final products, and...

  • News Sony Patent Plots an End to Used Game Sales

    Like it or lump it

    Before you dive off the deep end, it’s worth noting that Sony patents a lot of things, but very few of them turn out to be genuine products. As such, a new document outlining anti-used game technology may just be another of the platform holder’s experiments. At least, we hope so. The patent – filed by Sony Computer...

  • News Guerrilla Gearing Up for Biggest Year Since First Killzone Launch

    More details at a future date

    Guerrilla Games has teased that it may have more titles on the horizon than the upcoming PlayStation Vita spin-off Killzone: Mercenary. In a Christmas themed PlayStation Blog post, community manager Victor Zuylen noted that “2013 is gearing up to be another big year” for the Dutch studio, and “quite possibly the...

  • News Dark Souls 2's Visuals Are Comparable to Watch Dogs

    May skip 2013

    Dark Souls 2 may have been announced as a PlayStation 3 title, but it sounds like the hotly anticipated sequel will arrive on next-generation consoles too. EDGE magazine – who were shown a ten-minute playthrough of the game – reports that the upcoming adventure will boast visuals that are on par with Ubisoft’s ambitious

  • Rumour Developers Have More Confidence in the Xbox 720 than the PS4

    But we don't know why

    Thus far, everything we’ve heard about the next-generation has been vague. Countless rumours have pegged Sony’s fourth home console for late 2013, but that opinion appears to be changing. In a speculative piece posted this evening, North American website Kotaku has suggested that

  • News Is the PlayStation 4 Further Away Than We Think?

    Difficult to forecast

    One of the greatest assets of this industry is its unpredictability. Just when you think you’ve got it sussed – a rumour will throw you completely off base. Consider the ongoing discussion surrounding the PlayStation 4. We took The Last of Us’ spring release date as confirmation of the next-generation system’s imminent...

  • Talking Point Does the PS4 Need to Do More Than Push Polygons?

    Generation game

    Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime reckons that Sony will need to do more than manufacture cutting edge technology in order to compete with the Wii U. The executive was responding to a query regarding the longevity of the recently released platform once the next generation console eventually arrives. “In the end, our...

  • News Michael Pachter: PlayStation 4 Will Launch in 2013

    Crystal ball

    Likeable industry analyst Michael Pachter believes that Sony will release the next PlayStation console in October or November of next year. The chatty Wedbush Securities employee told the latest issue of PLAY magazine that he doesn’t believe the platform holder “wants to launch behind Microsoft again”. He added: "It isn't likely...

  • News Why Isn't Grand Theft Auto V a PlayStation 4 Game?


    Rumours suggest that the PlayStation 4 is set to launch as soon as Christmas next year, but Rockstar Games isn’t holding Grand Theft Auto V back for the next batch of hardware. The open world crime drama is set to release in Spring 2013, making it very much a PS3 title for the time being. But why is that? "Rockstar is a content company

  • News You May Have to Wait Until PS4 to Play Rainbow 6: Patriots

    Staying frosty

    Do you remember Rainbow 6: Patriots? The stunning tactical shooter was first revealed a few years ago, with an incredible concept trailer that took plenty of inspiration from Heavy Rain. Sadly, the game’s been missing in action for a while now, prompting publisher Ubisoft to admit that development may have switched to...

  • News Watch Dogs Will Hack Your PlayStation 3 in 2013

    On hold

    We reckon Watch Dogs would be more interesting if it took its title a little more literally, but Ubisoft's still got plenty of time to take our suggestion on board. The publisher has announced that the title will release in 2013 during a financial briefing earlier today. "Watch Dogs will be coming next year," CEO Yves Guillemot said. The...

  • Rumour Sony Shipping Updated PlayStation 4 Development Kits

    The future

    Developers around the world are apparently receiving updated PlayStation 4 development kits as we type, according to a report on VG247. The super secret devices are supposedly housed inside standard PC cases, but are heavily updated from previous units which were essentially just graphics cards. A fourth, “almost final” kit is set to...

  • News Mafia Developer Aiming to "Push the Boundaries of Cutting Edge Hardware"

    Period drama

    Mafia II may have been disappointing from a gameplay perspective – but it remains one of the most atmospheric PlayStation 3 titles to date. As such, we’re eager to see what developer 2K Czech can achieve with next-generation hardware. Fortunately, the studio is rumoured to be working on a sequel to the open world crime drama for...

  • Rumour Captain Price Actor Outs Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4

    The future is now

    Call of Duty actor and former Eastenders bad boy Billy Murray has accidentally outed the next entry in Activision’s blockbuster series. The thespian – who has portrayed Captain Price for over five years – said in an interview with This Is Xbox overnight: “Yeah, on Monday I am off to meet Infinity Ward about the next game,...

  • News EA Gothenburg Teases Next Generation Need for Speed

    Bulking up

    EA Gothenburg is recruiting for a new Need for Speed game, according to a post on its website. The Swedish studio, which was founded earlier this year, noted: "Would you like to work on a game in the Need for Speed franchise? We are hiring, and we are hiring a lot." Elsewhere, the company teased that it may be working on a...

  • News Team Bondi Reveals PlayStation 4 Title Whore of the Orient

    Period piece

    Controversial L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi has risen from its resting place to announce a brand new PlayStation 4 title named Whore of the Orient. The game was rumoured some time ago, but has now been officially confirmed on the developer's website. The game itself is set in Shanghai in 1936, and promises to explore "the most...

  • News Star Wars 1313 Takes a Trip to the Underworld

    Going underground

    It’s hard not to raise an eyebrow over LucasArts’ treatment of Star Wars 1313. The game has already featured on magazine covers here in the UK, but it doesn’t actually have a platform attached to it yet. Is it a PlayStation 3 game or next-generation? The publisher won’t say. Instead, it’s decided to release the in-depth...

  • Rumour PlayStation 4 Will Support 4K Resolution


    The PlayStation 4 will support 4K resolution, according to a report on BGR. The website claims that the Japanese giant is betting big on the technology now that 3D has failed to invigorate the market. It is already selling 4K Blu-ray players, and will introduce a compatible 80-inch XBR LED television set soon. The PS4 will presumably form...

  • Rumour Studio Liverpool Was Working on WipEout for PS4

    Hard to swallow

    Famous PlayStation developer Studio Liverpool was working on a WipEout title for PlayStation 4, Eurogamer.net reports. The game was described by sources as being “dramatically different” to previous titles in the series, though specifics are unlikely to ever be revealed. The website continues that the game had been in...

  • News EA's Frank Gibeau Has Seen the PlayStation 4

    Lucky chap

    Privileged EA Labels president Frank Gibeau has set his eyes upon the PlayStation 4. The outspoken executive announced the news during an otherwise laborious GamesCom keynote about free-to-play business models and, ahem, Command & Conquer. No doubt he needed a means to attract the attending audience’s wandering attention...

  • Rumour Mafia III Firing onto PlayStation 4

    Next generation looms

    The sequel to the atmospheric Mafia II is in development for PlayStation 4, according to a report on Eurogamer.net. The site claims that the sequel had been intended as a launch title for Sony’s next system (drool), but is now unlikely to hit that deadline. Developer 2K Czech is still rebuilding its team after layoffs last...

  • News Polyphony Digital Hints at Gran Turismo 6 for PlayStation 4

    Life in the fast lane

    Polyphony Digital gaffer Kazunori Yamauchi has hinted that Gran Turismo 6 is in development for the next PlayStation console. Speaking at the China Joy event in Beijing, the series creator said that the team is “targeting the latest technology” for the next iteration of its gigantic racing series. He added that development...

  • News Sony Has Been Working on PlayStation 4 Since 2010

    Loose lips

    The beauty of Linked In is that someone will always say something they shouldn’t. Take the profile of former SCEA employee Attila Vass, who’d almost certainly be spending the day on Jack Tretton’s naughty step if he hadn’t left the company in April. See, according to Vass’ online resume, Sony has been working on a “next...

  • News Salivate Over a Single New Watch Dogs Screenshot

    The future

    With the majority of the video game industry locked up for the weekend, we’re once again left hunting the depths of the Internet for marginally interesting summer stories. On our travels throughout the murky underworld, we uncovered this brand new shot of Ubisoft’s hot upcoming title, Watch Dogs. The image – which shows a populated...

  • Rumour PlayStation 4 Specifications Leaked


    The PlayStation 4 is actively in development. It’s not a point of contention anymore – even Sony is willing to acknowledge the system’s existence. With a 2013 release touted, it’s probably fitting that we should start to get some serious rumours about the system’s internals, and unsurprisingly a Dutch website has delivered the...

  • News Ubisoft Confirms Watch Dogs Is Coming to PlayStation 3

    Big brother

    Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs was probably the most exciting announcement of E3. The open-world action title looked like the company’s first next-generation hit for sure, but the publisher has since elaborated that the title is actually coming to PlayStation 3. Chatting with Joystiq, producer Dominic Guay admitted that the E3 demo w

  • News Sony: Everyone Knows Games Are in Development for PS4

    Cat, bag

    In a sharp contrast to the no comment responses of other PlayStation executives, Sony’s Scott Rohde has outright acknowledged the existence of the PS4. When quizzed on the next-generation console by GameTrailers, the senior vice president of SCEA responded: We’re not talking about when the machine is coming out, but I think that...

  • News Tretton on PS4: It's Not About Being First, It's About Being the Best

    Weighing in

    Sony Computer Entertainment America gaffer Jack Tretton has responded to speculation suggesting that Sony is ready to roll out its next platform ahead of Microsoft. Speaking with Geoff Keighley on GameTrailers TV, the likable executive noted that having the "best" console is what's most important to the company: We’ve never been...

  • News Square Enix Reveals the Future of Final Fantasy

    Treat your senses

    If Square Enix’s real-time Luminous Technology demonstration is representative of the visual fidelity we can expect from PlayStation 4, then wake us up when the next console comes around. The Japanese company revealed the breath-taking demo below during a press demonstration at E3 in Los Angeles. Even more incredibly, chief...

  • News Robert Bowling Reveals Human Element for 2015


    The hugely ambitious Robert Bowling – who served as a creative strategist on the Call of Duty franchise for many years – has unveiled his new studio’s first project: Human Element. Set for release on next-generation platforms in 2015, the horror title aims to convey the desperation of survival during a zombie apocalypse. Speaking...

  • Rumour Sony Decided Against Digital Only PlayStation 4

    Sticking with discs

    Sony decided against making its next home console digital only, the Wall Street Journal reports. The publication claims that the company had considered removing the optical drive from the PlayStation 4 – rumoured to be codenamed Orbis – but decided against the move due to poor Internet speeds. The report echoes

  • News Infinity Ward Targeting New Consoles with Next Project

    Modern Warfare, er, 4?

    Excuse us while we continue to scrape the figuratively parched barrel for marginally interesting stories. Infinity Ward has posted a new job opening, advertising for a social network engineer. The employee will supposedly be responsible for “high level network code for an exciting unannounced title for next generation...

  • News Sony Engineer References PlayStation 4 in CV


    Update: Umminger claims it was "just a typo". Original story: It’s about time employees of major video game companies learned that they can’t talk about unannounced products on their CV. The harsh reality is: someone will find it. SCEA software engineer Frederick Umminger is the latest to fall foul of the common quandary,...

  • News Analyst: PS4 Must Launch First to "Remain Competitive"

    Timing is everything

    With the next generation of consoles supposedly looming, Sony finds itself in an interesting place. The PlayStation 3 has only really recently hit its stride, with its life-cycle likely to be extended later this year when it inevitably reaches $199. As such, the Japanese giant could do with holding off the next generation for...

  • Rumour Early Orbis Tech Specs Leaked

    IGN strikes again

    If PlayStation 4 really is codenamed Orbis, here's an idea of what Sony might be packing inside the hardware. IGN claims the machine uses AMD chips based on the A8-3859 APU (accelerated processing unit) and Radeon HD 7670 GPU. The APU harbours an on-board quad-core processor with integrated graphics chip; teaming this up with the...

  • Rumour Sony "Confident" PS4 Can Beat Next Xbox to Market

    It's getting hot in here

    In case you hadn’t noticed, the next-generation rumour rollercoaster is in full swing. Following on from last week’s Orbis rumours, VG247 has posted a report that claims Sony is “confident” its next platform will beat the Xbox 360’s successor to market. According to the website, the “design goalposts” for the...

  • News Michael Pachter Responds to Orbis Rumours

    Warns against anti-used games

    While we’re still trying to wrap our heads around yesterday’s PlayStation Orbis rumours, seasoned industry analyst Michael Pachter has whipped out his crystal ball and provided some insight on the murmurs. Chatting with GamesIndustry, Pachter explained that it’s unlikely Sony will install anti-used game measures...

  • News PlayStation Orbis Concept Sketches Emerge


    Following yesterday's monstrous PlayStation Orbis rumour, a couple of crafty Internet snoops have uncovered what appear to be some concept sketches of the platform in action. The drawings – since suspiciously removed from original host Coque Design – show a group of figures interacting with a PlayStation Eye-style camera. The images were...

  • Rumour PS4 Codenamed "Orbis", Due Christmas 2013


    Here we go ladies and gentlemen: Kotaku claims to have the skinny on the next PlayStation. The site claims the upcoming machine is currently codenamed Orbis — Latin for "circle", naturally — and will launch in time for holiday 2013. Supposedly it won't play PS3 games, will lock all new games to a single PSN account to limit the...