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  • Feature PlayStation 4 - Here's Everything We Know About Sony's Next Generation System

    Final countdown

    Tonight, we’ll get our first glimpse at Sony’s next generation console. The platform holder hasn’t confirmed anything, but there’ll be serious repercussions if it rolls out little more than a redesigned PlayStation Move this evening. It won’t – the police convoys currently stationed outside the New York venue where the...

  • Talking Point Who Will Be Responsible for Revealing the PlayStation 4?

    Crowning glory

    You’ve all seen the images of Sony Computer Entertainment founder Ken Kutaragi clinging proudly to the shiny chassis of an early PlayStation 3. Way back in 2005, the responsibility of revealing Sony’s next generation system fell at the feet of the former SCE president. But with the luminary’s status within the company now...

  • News Could Battlefield 4 Blast Its Way into Sony's PlayStation Meeting?

    Makes sense

    Battlefield 4 could have Sony’s hotly anticipated PlayStation Meeting in its sights, if a series of teasing Tweets are to be believed. GameStop gaffer Paul Raines started the speculation overnight, announcing that he’d been privy to a behind-the-scenes demo of the upcoming first-person shooter. “Got to see Battlefield 4 today and...

  • News PlayStation Domains Point to Cloudy Forecast

    The future's overcast

    Sony’s recently acquired Gaikai service is expected to factor heavily into tomorrow’s PlayStation Meeting, and it looks like the firm has been busy ahead of the event. Legendary online sleuth Superannuation has dug up a collection of domain names, all pointing to a product called 'PlayStation Cloud'

  • Rumour PlayStation 4 Will Launch in November for $429

    You'll be able to control it with your phone, apparently

    We’re less than 24 hours away from officially learning about Sony’s next generation console – but a report on Kotaku appears to have jumped the gun. The popular North American blog is reporting that the PlayStation 4 will launch this November in North America, and will ship in two...

  • News Latest PlayStation Meeting Trailer Is All About the Games

    The world is in play

    Ever since WipEout demo pods started showing up in night clubs, PlayStation has always had a distinctly adult appeal. That’s something that this brand new ‘Evolution of PlayStation’ trailer discusses, as it takes a look back at some of Sony Computer Entertainment’s greatest ever games. The platform holder is expected to...

  • News Sony Promoting PlayStation Meeting During Champions League

    Be the first to know

    Arsene Wenger’s squad of protégés may be in the midst of a drubbing, but at least the players can look forward to Sony’s rapidly approaching PlayStation Meeting tomorrow night. The platform holder – who has been a primary sponsor of the Champions League for some years now – has decorated the Emirates Stadium with 20th...

  • Talking Point What PS4 Games Will Be Announced During Sony's PlayStation Meeting?

    Guessing games

    At the end of the day, it’s all about the games. Sony may be planning to quench our thirst for new hardware with torrents of tech specs and refreshed controller designs, but tomorrow’s hotly anticipated PlayStation Meeting will be

  • Feature Sony's PlayStation Meeting - Our Hopes, Dreams, and Fears for PlayStation 4

    Laying it on the line

    In just a few short hours, we’ll almost certainly get our first glimpse at the PlayStation 4. Sony’s widely publicised 20th February press conference is scheduled to start at 18:00PM EST, and we’re awaiting the event with bated breath. But while we don’t possess the power to push the clocks forward, we can make the wait...

  • News So, One of Quantic Dream's Top Executives Is in New York

    You know what happens there

    Forget journalistic ethics, we’re dashing our scruples and slipping into tabloid mode. Following a round of careful Twitter stalking, the eagle-eyed anarchists over at NeoGAF have discovered that Quantic Dream’s co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière is currently in New York, whining about the weather. Unless you’ve been...

  • Rumour Sony Considering £300 Price Point for PlayStation 4

    Platform holder hoping to lure millions to its latest console

    It sounds like Sony has learned from the ‘$599 US dollar’ fiasco of old, and is aiming to price its upcoming next generation platform extremely competitively. UK newspaper The Times claims that the company is considering a £300 ($465) price point for its latest machine, a tag that...

  • News Sony's 20th February Countdown Continues with PS3

    Play beyond

    Sony’s skipped straight past the PlayStation Portable in its ongoing ‘Evolution’ series, pointing its crosshairs at the PlayStation 3 instead. This video is less substantial than previous releases – presumably because the PS3 is still a very relevant product – but there’s still plenty of footage to get your taste buds...

  • News Sony Regales Tales of the PS2 Ahead of PlayStation Meeting

    Plus, a young Kaz Hirai

    Sony’s released another entry in its ‘Evolution’ series, this time focusing on the PlayStation 2. The trailer includes a wealth of archive footage from the build up to the system’s launch, including a quote from one news reporter who claims that the console will be “the biggest thing to come along since TV was...

  • Rumour Gaikai Will Enable PS3 Streaming on PS4

    Future proof

    Backward compatibility has been a source of much deliberation on the PlayStation 4. The complex architecture of the current PlayStation 3 means that it will be practically impossible for Sony to emulate the system on its next generation console, leaving legacy support on the chopping block. However, the firm’s high-profile acquisition...

  • News Sony Counts Down to PlayStation Meeting with Evolution Trailer

    Know your roots

    Urgh, we can’t take anymore. Ever since Sony revealed its surprise PlayStation Meeting at the start of the month, we’ve been awash with rumours and speculation. But now that the 20th February is actually nearing, it’s all becoming too much to handle. And videos like the one embedded below aren’t helping our hype levels...

  • News Naughty Dog: We're Ready for PlayStation 4, But It's Scary

    Drake's quaking

    Naughty Dog may be focusing its attention on upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last of Us at the moment, but there’s a good chance that the critically acclaimed studio is already working on Sony’s next generation hardware. The developer divided into two teams a few years ago, allowing it to work on multiple projects at once...

  • Rumour Ex-Sony Employee Suggests The Last Guardian Is for PS4

    Told you so

    It looks like The Last Guardian may be a lock for the PlayStation 4 after all. A former BigBig Studios employee has hinted that the long overdue Team ICO exclusive has been in development for Sony’s next generation platform for “a long time now”. The speculation follows creative director Fumito Ueda’s broken silence earlier in...

  • News Sony Mocks Microsoft with PlayStation Advertisements

    Jump out

    Oh, it’s on. Following Microsoft’s less than savoury comments regarding the PlayStation 3’s entertainment options yesterday, Sony has launched a brand new batch of text advertisements blatantly mocking its closest competitor. One commercial takes a direct swipe at the Xbox 360’s prolific ‘

  • Talking Point How Will the PS4's Controller Change the Way That We Play?

    Input innovations

    If anything was going to leak, it was always going to be the controller. Speculation regarding the PlayStation 4’s refreshed input device has been mounting over the past couple of weeks, with the rumours culminating in last night’s leaked image. Sources have since confirmed that th

  • News Oh, Here's Another Photo of the PlayStation 4's Controller

    Double shock

    When it rains, it pours – and we’re in the middle of monsoon right now. Digital Foundry has managed to get its grubby mitts on another image of the PlayStation 4’s controller, which shows the prototype peripheral from an alternative angle. There’s not a whole lot of new information for us to garner from the picture, but it does...

  • Rumour Is This a Photo of the PlayStation 4's Controller?

    Certainly looks like it

    Destructoid has got its hands on what appears to be a photograph of a prototype controller for the PlayStation 4. The image matches up almost perfectly with recent rumours, showing a peripheral similar in shape to the DualShock 3 with a touchpad in place of the ‘Start’ and ‘Select’ buttons. It’s hard to get a good...

  • Talking Point What Will the Next PlayStation Be Called?

    Name games

    The number four is unlucky in Japan. The figure is pronounced “shi” in the land of the rising sun, which is the same as the word for death. As a result, many hospitals prefer to ignore the digit, skipping the integer when naming room and floor numbers. Furthermore, there are no seats with the numeral on passenger planes of the All...

  • News Toshihiro Nagoshi Wants to Show Next Gen Yakuza This Year

    Fighting fury

    Fans of fisticuffs and dragon tattoos may be excited to learn that a next generation Yakuza title could debut as early as this year. Series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi teased in the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation magazine [via Gematsu] that the recently released Yakuza 5 will probably be the last entry in the series on PlayStation...

  • News Microsoft Executive Plays Down Impending PlayStation Meeting

    "Consumers won't know what's announced"

    Ever since Sony promised to show us a glimpse of the future, Microsoft has been uncharacteristically quiet. However, in an interview with MCV published earlier today, Xbox UK executive Jon Grimes has suggested that most consumers won’t even know what’s announced during PlayStation’s upcoming

  • Rumour PS4's Controller Will Sport Improved Triggers

    Get a grip

    The PlayStation 4’s controller will maintain the same general shape and style as the existing DualShock 3, but will boast a number of improvements according to a report on VG247. The publication states that the peripheral will include a touchpad on the front of the unit. The ‘Start’ and ‘Select’ buttons have apparently been...

  • News The Last Guardian Re-emerges Ahead of PlayStation Meeting

    Perfect timing

    You can call us 'Mystic Meg' if you like. We recently posted a story outlining why we expect Team ICO’s hotly anticipated arthouse adventure The Last Guardian to be re-revealed as a PlayStation 4 title – and creative director Fumito Ueda has added credence to our speculation in a message directed at fans

  • Talking Point Could the Current Xbox Rumours Work in the PS4's Favour?

    Speculation wars

    You probably shouldn’t believe everything that you read online. We’re in what’s commonly referred to in other industries as the ‘silly season’ right now, an exciting period of speculation where even the most ridiculous rumours take on heightened meanings. With new next generation platforms looming, everyone wants a piece...

  • News Evolution Studios Counting Down to PlayStation Meeting

    Well, probably

    Evolution Studios employee Paul Rustchynsky is pretty excited about 20th February. The game director – who previously worked on MotorStorm RC – expressed his enthusiasm in a straightforward Twitter message posted earlier this evening, counting down to the aforementioned date. While the developer could be referring to anything, we...

  • Rumour PlayStation 4 Will Ship with an Upgraded EyeToy

    Big brother

    According to prolific rumourmonger VGLeaks, the impending PlayStation 4 will be accompanied by an upgraded EyeToy that will keep tabs on you while you play. The so-called ‘Dual Camera’ – which has also been hinted at in a series of EDGE reports – will apparently feature a pair of wide-angle lenses, each boasting a resolution of...

  • Rumour Killzone 4 Targeting PlayStation 4 in 2013

    Vekta of the Gods

    We always assumed that Guerrilla Games’ in-development fantasy title would debut alongside the PlayStation 4, but it looks like the company could be readying Killzone 4 instead. VideoGamer.com reports that the Dutch developer is currently applying the finishing touches to the next-generation first-person shooter, which could...

  • Opinion Why The Last Guardian Will Be a PlayStation 4 Game

    Blooming great

    While the PlayStation 3 has played host to its fair share of genre defining titles, it’s hard to shake the feeling that it’s still missing its most important release. The hotly anticipated Team ICO title The Last Guardian was officially announced almost four years ago, but despite receiving a release date in 2010, its troubled...

  • Opinion How LiveArea Could Be Enhanced for PlayStation 4

    The circle of life

    According to a wealth of recent rumours, the PlayStation 4 will be much more community driven than its predecessors. Trusted Japanese newspaper Nikkei reported earlier today that the console will “be furnished with the ability to exchange opinions amongst one's friends while playing games”. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal...

  • Rumour PlayStation 4 Will Retail for $399.99

    Magic number

    Sony seems to have learned its lesson about insane price points. According to GamesIndustry.biz, the manufacturer is planning to sell its next console for around $399.99. The figure comes courtesy of Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun, which understands that the console will cost ¥40,000 in its home region. That translates to about $427...

  • Rumour Evolution and Guerrilla to Debut PS4 Projects on 20th February

    Exercise caution

    You see that big rumour tag at the top of your screen? Colour it in with a shocking pink marker pen and set it on fire, because this is the very definition of a speculative piece. Still, we couldn’t resist sharing the latest gossip regarding Sony’s rapidly approaching 20th February press conference, and we think that you’ll...

  • News Which of These PS4 Controller Mock-Ups Is Your Favourite?

    Input ideas

    Sony is supposedly planning to debut a new controller alongside the PlayStation 4. While details about its size and shape are still under wraps, we do have a reasonable idea about what kind of new features the final device will include. According to both Kotaku and

  • News Take a Look at the PlayStation 4 Game That You'll Never Play

    Got to getaway

    No matter how longingly you stare at the artwork embedded within this article, the game’s never coming out. It was canned, alongside developer Studio Liverpool, back in late August 2012. The concept art – penned by industry veteran Darren Douglas – demonstrates a slew of dramatic heist scenes, which match up with rumours...

  • Rumour PS4 Will Allow You to Share Videos and Screenshots

    Europe will be made to wait again

    According to EDGE, the PlayStation 4 will allow you to share gameplay footage and screenshots on the fly. In a new report citing development sources, the British publication has hinted that the impending console’s refreshed controller will include a new button, allowing you to distribute your achievements and...

  • Feature Five Mistakes That the PlayStation 4 Must Avoid

    Potential pitfalls

    The PlayStation 4 will finally be announced on 20th February. Sony shocked the gaming industry with a mysterious trailer that teased the reveal last night, confirming that it will be hosting a PlayStation Meeting in New York City later this month. But while the imminent announcement is understandably exciting, there are a number...

  • Rumour Could Ivory Tower's Leaked Racer Be a PS4 Launch Game?

    Accelerating into sight

    It’s not going to stop, is it? Seasoned online sleuth Superannuation may have just unearthed details about one of the PlayStation 4’s very first games. According to the CV of a contract artist – which has suspiciously been yanked – new developer Ivory Tower is working on a “confidential game” for the PlayStation 3...

  • News Yes, Sony Will Announce the PlayStation 4 on 20th February

    Event will be live streamed online

    If last night’s unexpected teaser trailer didn’t make things obvious enough, sources have indicated that the PlayStation 4 will debut on 20th February. According to the Wall Street Journal, “people familiar with the matter” have hinted that the hotly anticipated next generation console will make its first...

  • News Sony Teases the Future, Will Almost Certainly Reveal the PlayStation 4 on 20th February

    Pick up your jaw

    Now that’s how you drop a bomb. Sony has announced that it will reveal the future on 20th February at a PlayStation Meeting in New York City. The event – set to start at 18:00PM EST – will almost certainly play host to the PlayStation 4. Are you following this? It’s actually happening. According to infamous industry analyst...

  • Rumour Could Cutter Be Making a Comeback in Uncharted 4?

    "Need to top up my minutes"

    Now that critically acclaimed first-party developer Naughty Dog has expanded into two teams, we can safely assume that the studio is working on a new entry in the Uncharted franchise. After all, the series still hasn’t reached its full commercial potential, and we suspect that there’s plenty that the ambitious...

  • Talking Point What if the PS4 Is Not Backward Compatible?

    Legacy support

    It’s ironic that Sony has had such a tumultuous time with backward compatibility of late. In the transition from the PSone to the PlayStation 2, the platform holder essentially set the expectation for the feature moving forwards – but it hasn’t always managed to uphold that standard in recent years. Initial models of the...

  • Rumour You'll Be Able to Link PS4 Controllers with Your PSN Account

    Simultaneous login

    Sony’s upcoming next generation console will include the option to link your PlayStation Network account to a controller, allowing you to earn Trophies when playing on a system that’s not your own. That's according to Kotaku, who claim to have obtained the official documentation for an Orbis development kit. The site...

  • News Could Singularity Be Quantic Dream's First PS4 Game?

    We're already drooling

    Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream is currently applying the finishing touches to its upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive Beyond: Two Souls – but the studio may also be working on a PlayStation 4 title. Seasoned online snoop Superannuation has uncovered a domain name for

  • News Sony Is Happy to Let Microsoft Reveal Its Next Console First

    Anything you can do, we can do better

    In between heated sessions of Ridge Racer (probably), Sony president Kaz Hirai has hinted that he’s happy for Microsoft to announce its next generation console first. Speaking with British newspaper The Times, the former SCE overlord said: "Why go first when your competitors can look at your specifications and...

  • Talking Point Is It Time to Say Goodbye to the DualShock?

    Changes are taking place

    Sony is supposedly planning to ditch the DualShock controller with the release of its impending next generation console, the PlayStation 4. The iconic input device, with its pointed handles and symmetrical analogue sticks, has been a pivotal part of Sony’s gaming ecosystem since its original release in 1997. But is it time...

  • Rumour Sony Ditching the DualShock for PlayStation 4

    Shock horror

    Sony is poised to ditch its iconic DualShock controller with the release of the PlayStation 4, according to a report on CVG. The website – citing a senior games studio source working on an upcoming exclusive title – understands that the next generation controller has gone through a number of revisions behind the scenes, none of...

  • News So, There's a Bunch of PS4 Rumours Doing the Rounds

    Deep breath

    We’ve officially reached crazy town – but don’t worry, you won’t be forced to listen to Butterfly during your stay. VG247 is reporting that the PlayStation 4 will boast 1.84 teraflops of computational power, giving it a slight advantage over the next Xbox’s rumoured 1.23 teraflops. It’s perhaps worth noting that, in...

  • Rumour Sony Struggling with Early PS4 Production Issues

    Plus, analyst predicts the price

    The next generation rumours are inescapable today. Following this morning’s report regarding the imminent announcement of the PlayStation 4, research firm Baird Equity has suggested that the console could launch as soon as October, with a reveal almost guaranteed to take place prior to E3 in June. In a note to...