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    Review Murasaki Baby

    Balloon fright

    Murasaki Baby made this typically composed critic want to toss his figurative toys out of the pram, and that’s never a good sign. Ovosonico’s long in production PlayStation Vita exclusive whisks you away from the hustle and bustle of the real world to a nightmarish fantasy land, where you must guide a wailing infant and her purple...

  • News Bizarre Vita Exclusive Murasaki Baby Will Give You Adorable Nightmares

    Terrifying toddler

    If that disturbing baby-thing lurking in P.T.'s bathroom wasn't enough to scare you, perhaps the titular character from Murasaki Baby will. The baffling PlayStation Vita exclusive's nefarious newborn seems to be the bizarre lovechild of David Lynch and Tim Burton, and also happens to be a perfect example of the title's incredibly...

  • First Impressions Is the PS Vita Dragging Murasaki Baby Back?

    Who loves ya, baby?

    Murasaki Baby is a gobstoppingly gorgeous title – but it’s yet to prove that it’s an entertaining one. The inaugural escapade by Italian outfit Ovosonico shares similarities with creative director Massimo Guarini’s previous outing Shadows of the Damned, in that it provides an inviting aesthetic, but not enough immediate...