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  • News Hot Wheels Unleashed's Skyscraper Is the Wacky Track the PS5, PS4 Racer Needed

    Wacky races

    We’ve always thought Hot Wheels Unleashed looked good, but we were beginning to worry about the backdrops you’d be driving through. So far, industrious developer Milestone has mostly focused on bland garage-style environments – but this latest trailer for the PlayStation 5 and PS4 racer has a bit more spectacle to it, as the track...

  • News Here's Some More Early Gameplay Footage of Hot Wheels Unleashed

    You know you want it

    Last week, you may recall that racing specialist Milestone put out the first gameplay trailer for its upcoming game, Hot Wheels Unleashed. The toy car racer is coming to PlayStation 5 and PS4, and that trailer got us pretty excited. It looks as though the studio, most famous for its extensive work on motorcycle racing titles, is...

  • News Rejoice! Hot Wheels Unleashed Looks Like a Ton of Fun

    Lead the way

    Many were sceptical when Hot Wheels Unleashed was announced by industrious Italian developer Milestone, but it looks like the veteran racing studio has come good. In this short gameplay trailer based on alpha footage, we get a good glimpse of what it’ll be like behind-the-wheel – and as the release’s slogan goes, it just looks...

  • News Hot Wheels Unleashed Races to PS5, PS4 on 30th September

    Lead the way

    Well, it leaked weeks ago, but now it’s official: Hot Wheels Unleashed is racing to the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on 30th September. Developed by the ever-industrious Milestone, the game will see you “drift, boost, jump, and crash on Hot Wheels’ iconic orange tracks in various single player game modes”. There’ll also be...

  • News Motorbike Racing Sim MotoGP 21 Speeds onto PS5, PS4 in April

    On yer bike

    As sure as the Sun rises every morning, Milestone is making another motorbike racing title. This time, it's the return of its officially licensed series with MotoGP 21. The latest iteration has just been announced, and it'll be the first in the franchise to land on PlayStation 5, as well as PS4. Milestone is of course calling this the...

  • News Toy Car Racer Hot Wheels Unleashed Leaked

    Milestone at the wheel

    It may not be the best source for PlayStation news, but you can always rely on the Microsoft Store for a good old-fashioned leak. Admittedly, we’re going out on a limb here: Hot Wheels Unleashed has been listed for release on 30th September, and we’re assuming it’s coming to the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. We’ll...

  • Review RIDE 4 (PS5) - A Motorcycle Crash Felt from the Inside of the DualSense

    Wheelie not very good

    Next-gen upgrades are a fantastic way to give a game extra polish and enhance the overall experience by taking advantage of the more powerful hardware. Three months after the launch of RIDE 4 on the PlayStation 4, the game was given a new PlayStation 5 version. While there are glimmers of potential under the surface, especially...

  • News RIDE 4 Saddles Up on PS5 from Today

    Smooth ridin'

    Industrious Italian outfit Milestone has sure been putting its PlayStation 5 development kits through their paces. Swift in the slipstream of MXGP 2020, the studio has now released the next-gen version of its motorcycle racing game, RIDE 4. You can check out the launch trailer above, which pairs a bunch of cinematic gameplay footage...

  • Review MXGP 2020 - The Official Motocross Videogame (PS5) - Not Just Another Scrub

    Jump the gate

    The MXGP titles have been slowly inching their way forward through the years, generally only seeing minor changes with each iteration. Luckily, Milestone has crafted a pretty solid bedrock upon which to build its racing titles, and this latest entry — the series’ first foray on the PlayStation 5 — represents the franchise’s...

  • News MXGP 20 Brings Mud, Sweat, and Glory to PS5 and PS4 This December


    You just can't stop Milestone. The Italian developer will make more motorbike racing games, and that's just the end of it. The latest two-wheeled racer is MXGP 20, taking the action off-road on both PlayStation 5 and PS4. The announcement comes alongside the above trailer, and it sure looks like a motocross game. This year's entry comes...

  • News RIDE 4 Revs Up PS5 from 21st January

    Better visuals, more bikes, deeper immersion

    Industrious motorcycle developer Milestone will not be slowing down its output on the PlayStation 5, as the Italian studio has wasted no time announcing a new title for Sony’s next-gen console: RIDE 4. Due out from 21st January (the PS4 version launches 8th October), the racer will offer silky smooth 60...

  • News RIDE 4 Is the Latest Motorbike Sim from Milestone, Arrives on PS4 This October

    Ride or die

    MotoGP 20 just released last month on PlayStation 4, but developer Milestone ain't finished yet. In addition to the officially licensed racing series, the company has been producing the RIDE series, an attempt at a two-wheeled Gran Turismo. RIDE 4 is the latest entry, just unveiled with the above trailer, and it's not looking too shabby...

  • Review MotoGP 20 - Another Exciting Ride, If You Can Handle It

    A tricky balancing act

    Milestone has made a name for itself as the de facto developer of motorbike racing games. If you trace it back, the Italian studio has been crafting this niche subset of racers for about 20 years. To say it has experience with two-wheeled motorsport would be a grave understatement. However, despite its expertise and dedication...

  • Mini Review Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 3 - Nights and Bikes

    On yer bike

    Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 3 – or, to give it its full title and pad out our word count, Monster Energy AMA Supercross 3 FIM World Championship: The Official Video Game – proves that Milestone may just be the most prolific developer of the generation. By our count, this is its 20th title on the PlayStation 4...

  • Review Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame - A Disappointing Ride

    Road rash

    Republished on Wednesday 27th November 2019: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of December's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. Racing games are dime a dozen, but while most focus on cars or more “extreme” sports, it’s relatively slim pickings when it comes to motocross and...

  • News MotoGP 19 Rolls Back the Clocks with Historical Riders Trailer

    Podium position

    MotoGP 19 is racing on to PS4 consoles on 6th June, and it aims to celebrate motorcycling history with playable riders that changed the sport forever. Check out what this year's iteration is bringing to the table in the trailer above. Alongside over 50 standard racers and more than 35 bikes to choose from, 3 historical tracks join...

  • Review RIDE 3 - High-Octane Motorcycle Realism

    Wheely quite something

    If there’s one thing that RIDE 3 has in spades, it’s content. The sheer number of tracks and bikes to unlock, not to mention available modifications, is head spinning. Poor old motorcycle sim games seem to live in the shadow of their four wheeled brethren and are usually reserved for a more niche audience as a result. The...

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    Review MXGP Pro

    MXGP Con

    Milestone releases a large number of racing games every year. Some of them aren’t half bad, such as Gravel, while others, chiefly its motorcycle games, leave something to be desired. Unfortunately, MXGP Pro is one of the motorcycle games, and while this is nowhere near as bad as the absolute debacle that was MXGP 3, it’s a definite step...

  • 23


    Review Gravel

    Vin Gravel

    Sorry to aggravate the aggregate heads, but Gravel isn’t actually about everyone’s favourite loose collection of rock fragments – sadly, it’s only a fun arcade racer. Coming from the motorheads at racing game specialists Milestone, Gravel focuses less on raw simulation and more on down-and-dirty off-road action, delivering an...

  • 3


    Review MXGP 3

    Crash and burn

    In 2014, Milestone – a dev with a very long history working with motorcycle games – launched a new series with MXGP: The Official Motocross Videogame. While it was an alright title, it didn’t exactly blow us away. Skip ahead to present day and Milestone has released the third entry in the series. During that time, has...

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    Review RIDE 2

    Keep on ridin'

    When it comes to racing, there's a raw thrill… An adrenaline rush that can't be explained. In terms of gaming, it's a genre that's much beloved and for good reason, whether it be arcade-style or simulation-based. Italian developer Milestone is no stranger to the racing genre, and last year it put out a motorcycle-sim racer called...

  • News MotoGP 15 Returns to the Saddle on PS4, PS3 This Spring

    The wheels on the bike go round and round

    Milestone: the developer that never sleeps. Seriously. The Italian studio's only just shipped two-wheeler RIDE, but it's already talking MotoGP 15. To be fair, we're a little bit late with this story, so slap our saddle rash and let's get on with it, because we'd honestly rather be in bed than writing about...

  • News Milestone's RIDE Races to PS4 and PS3 Next Spring

    Twist those handlebars

    Not content with MotoGP 14 and the upcoming enhanced edition of MXGP, Italian outfit Milestone has announced a new motorcycle title for the PlayStation 4 named RIDE. Also due out on the PlayStation 3, the game promises to take superbike racing off the track, with a variety of city, country, and historical circuits for you to...

  • News Milestone Scrubs Up MXGP for PS4 Release This Fall

    Ring the alarm

    Flat presentation prevented motocross simulation MXGP from reaching its full potential on the PlayStation 3, but fresh from the excellent next-gen edition of MotoGP 14, Italian outfit Milestone will be hoping that the added power of the PlayStation 4 will help to land its other two-wheeled racer in a podium position. Due out later...

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    Review MotoGP 14

    Top Márquez

    Our infallible scientific studies suggest that many MotoGP stars endured multiple bumps on their bonces from a very early age. Asphalt icons such as Valentino Rossi and reigning champion Marc Márquez make average adrenaline junkies look like cucumber sandwich scranning stick-in-the-muds – and that’s before they even climb onto...

  • News Racing Sim MotoGP 14 Starts Its Engine on PS4 in Europe


    For a system that’s selling extraordinarily well, the PlayStation 4 is seriously short on racing games. Sure, the ambitious Need for Speed: Rivals serves up a great time, but once you’ve drinked in all of Redview County’s fictional views, there’s not a lot left to do. DriveClub and The Crew are right around the corner, of course, but...

  • News Hold on to Your Handlebars! Here's How MotoGP 14 Looks on PS4

    Wheelie nice

    The latest entry in Milestone’s annual motorbike racing simulation is set to make its debut on next-gen platforms imminently, with MotoGP 14 ready to burn rubber on the PlayStation 4. Ahead of the fast approaching release, the Italian developer recently conducted a press tour around Europe, which has culminated in the high octane...

  • News Milestone Wheeling Out MotoGP 13 for PS3 and Vita

    Kick starter

    Following the closure of previous developer Monumental Games, Milestone has announced that it’s taken the handlebars of the official MotoGP license, announcing MotoGP 13 for PlayStation 3 and Vita. The title's set to release at some point in June. The Italian outfit promises to have “re-invented” the franchise, with new physics...

  • News Milestone: No Plans for WRC Powerslide on PlayStation Vita

    Up and go

    Despite committing a number of its titles to the PlayStation Vita, Italian outfit Milestone has decided not to release its upcoming arcade racing spin-off WRC Powerslide on the handheld. Chatting to us overnight, the company revealed that the title will be coming to consoles only when it releases in early 2013. “We are working on a new...

  • News WRC Powerslide Drifts onto PlayStation Network Next Year

    Slip slidin'

    If your thumbs aren’t capable of controlling a rally car in Milestone’s annual WRC series, then perhaps the Italian outfit’s upcoming arcade spin-off will be more up your alley. Set to release in early 2013, WRC Powerslide will deliver a “frenetic” twist on the offroad motorsport, complete with arcade physics and a new...

  • News Black Bean Releases First WRC 2 Trailer

    Black Bean Games and Milestone has released a new trailer for the upcoming WRC 2

    The licensed title features all of the racers and teams from the 2011 season, in addition to a whopping 90 stages, 15 locations, 25 different types of terrain and dynamic weather conditions. Black Bean's promising improvements in the game's career mode too, with greater...

  • News Superstars V8 Racing Heads Exclusively To The PlayStation Network In October

    You may have heard of Superstars V8 Racing -- the game launched on PlayStation 3 in Europe last year

    The game was limited by a retail release and minimal marketing budget, but the game actually reviewed fairly well. A year later, it has a greater shot at success in the US as it will be released on the PlayStation Network for $19.99. O-Games are...