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    Review Oure

    Trials of fluff

    In the same vein as Abzu, Journey, and the recent AER: Memories of Old, Oure likes to keep itself a little vague. Developer Heavy Spectrum, best known for its work on last year’s Shadow of the Beast, has taken clear inspiration from the likes of thatgamecompany’s masterpiece – but does this help turn Oure into a memorable...

  • PGW 2017 Oure Channels the Spirit of ICO and Journey

    Shadow of the dragon

    We were going to start this article complaining about the influx of ICO and Journey wannabes until we learned that Oure has been developed by Heavy Spectrum. That’s the same studio, if you don’t know, that made the incredibly brutal Shadow of the Beast for the PlayStation 4. We reckon it’s probably earned some time...